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[Q] Legendary set level 40

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  • [Q] Legendary set level 40

    I was hoping on staying in my level bracket of 39 and work on getting a level 40 legendary set. And go to level 40 when i have completed this so I can focus on my mounts etc? Any advice please? And another question here is I am wondering if PVP set level 45 is better than level 40 leg set.

    Because I plan on staying in level 40-49 bracket for about a year. I have an archer that is level 37 and has 13488 br

    P.S. Thank you for your opinions and please take into consideration that slow leveling is something I WANT FOR MYSELF AND I AM SETTING MY OWN PACE FOR MAKING MY OWN TOON GROW. Much respect to everyone

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    45 PvP set doesn't match up to the 40 legendary set. Though getting the crystaloids for your 40 set(if you plan on staying at 39) will be a set back because Void, Badlands have more crystaloids there Unless you cash for crystaloids when they have those available. It will be easy to get the stones though. You can get them in guild shop x5 a day. And save up for the 40 rings/jewels and insignia for the pieces you will need.
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      I'd go for 45 set, save the keys and gold for 50 set. Going for full 40 leg means you have to do void nm to gain loids and stones (loads of XP = lesser cata = lesser gems) unless you're buying loids from promo and stones in guild shop.


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        better go for 50 pve set.... 45set>40set


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          Level 45 PvP set is vastly inferior to level 40 PvE set, but it will waste your time if you decide to slow level.
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            Once your L40 set is made legendary, enchanted to the max. and fully socketed, it will be better than the L45 set for overall gameplay in PVE and PVP.
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              Originally posted by ecla2 View Post
              Once your L40 set is made legendary, enchanted to the max. and fully socketed, it will be better than the L45 set for overall gameplay in PVE and PVP.
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              Back on topic. Getting a full Legendary PvE set of ANY level is worth the time and effort especially given that it can carry you over the next PvE set gap. Getting lvl 40 legendary means you can skip over the level 50 stuff and work on the 60 stuff. To an extent legendary level 50 can do the same except that unless you decide to slow level and max honor you will start to notice the difference when doing PvP in the 60+ range. Of course if you are good at the slow leveling thing you should be LD before you ever step out of level 59.
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                It depends.

                PvE 40 legendary murders PvP 45 for anything.

                PvE 40 normal is worse than PvP 45 for team arena and duel, only.

                If you add clothing, PvE 40 normal can be better than 45.

                Any PvE set will have you laughing your *** off against people who don't have it in BG.
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                  45 set really is pretty comparable to the 40 pve set. Apart from the enchant limits not being so high up, the pdef ignore in the 40s really does count. Ofc the pve set is good for wb's but for arena and bg, 40 bg and arena is usually decided in the first 2-3 hits. hence not really long enough for pve set to shine (especially when troops mostly go down in 1 hit with a lunatic fire in bgs). And in any case, spending that long in 40s isnt advisable since you would easily reach honor cap in a month.


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                    All PvE Legendary sets are superior in all circumstances to their counterpart level+5 PvP set.

                    The basic PvE sets are on a similar level to their counterpart level+5 PvP set.
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                      Well as per our server, there are a lot more who stayed at 50-59 bracket than in 49, coz you know it is easier to stay in that bracket coz of HS which will consume your exp gained. So there are more players in our server who made their 50pve leg than 40pve leg. Besides it is where you can get the highest honor with which its medal will give a yummy stats boost. If you make 40pve you will skip 50pve then, to save materials for 60pve. So if you decide to level to the 50-59 bracket, will you not have problems in bg and arena if you fight with those who have 50pve? Well of course it depends on your server if there are more who preferred to make the 50pve over the 40pve.
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