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  • Arena Times

    In the future it would be great if the multiplayer arena was open more than one hour a day, (preferably earlier) because it falls on a time of day where most people in my guild cannot participate, including myself.

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    Yup, its ribbit retarded.... its only 30 min per day at 3 am my time and its very very important bcuz u can get awsome pvp sets from it Im in top 5 all the time and never fight arena matches When other players will hit lv 35 and starts to buy pvp sets all other ppl that cant participate in arena fight wil be screwd. I will leave this game for sure cuz pvp is one thing im playing for
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      Agreed.. Team PvP is open 2-3 am local.. That's not fair for players in my time zone. Team PvP should accommodate at least 2-3 time zones to balance the odds.
      Many players will miss out on the fun this feat brings.. Not to say the handsome rewards you get from it.


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        better put 1 battle / 8 hours
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          Yeah but then the same could be said for world bosses as well have 4 per day rather then 3 just to eaven our the late night server time players


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            Yeah we do need more arena times, I cant be on every morning at 4:00am lol
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              How about you change to a server where the times fit you schedule?