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why do u close server merge forum?

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  • why do u close server merge forum?

    My guild master posted a 2nd forum on how we need a server merge bad, one u asked him too so u could see how the people felt... but u closed it???

    why would u close it, nothing bad was going on in it, just people agreeing that we need more focus on older servers?

    Im so confused... i thought the merges was to keep the game fun and competitive, i thought the reason for new servers was to give some a chance to catch up
    to everyone else, being able to be top at wb and number 1 in guild battles ect... just max rewards and build confidence, but now when we are ready for merge,
    when we are ready and pleding for a merge, begging you for more competition you shut us down ignore our tickets and ignore our forums, start giving answers,
    that lame excuse its up to the developers isnt working, we want answers. I wanna fight the top guilds like mayham, to see how we compare, I wanna have more
    people to do mps with, and im tired of every day getting on and some else quit so i have to w8 longer to do mps cus the other people arent on... this game is takin to much time to focus on. I cant sit here all day w8ing on the few others who can do mps with me, and i know they feel the same and many others on other servers are feeling the same way as me. So R2 what is your answer? when will you start merges again for the older servers??

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    we are clearing 70 NM and had the 5th biggest guild on ur game not that long ago. R2 is doing nothing on your end and thats what your getting in return. i put in a ticket asking about a merge and you told me to make a forum to see how others feel and it seems most everyone agrees. the 2nd strongest guild on our server has their leader running their top accounts. ive reported this with screenshots and you still do nothing. we win GB in less then 15 min without a cheriot every battle. we have players that can kill the cheriot and can compete with most anyone on this game. your lack of care about the people that pay for your everything is pathetic. if i stop playing most of my guild will quit also annd it will cost you thousands of dollars. we all know you guys are in this for the money and the best way to get it is to keep us happy and your obviously not doing a very good job. the last 2 months ive only played the game for my guildies and havent been spending at all and your killing your own game. but im not going to sit around and watch everyone quit we loose players daily and thats friends to us and $$$ to you. and you cant even give us the time of day to answer us. its not up to us is all we get but its up to someone and that person is not making a very good choice by doing nothing. you keep pushing cash events for u but doing nothing for us.
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      LOL YOU AND YOUR LOOSE HAHAHAHA. Keep spamming the forum with multiple threads! r2's CEO is watching and laughing at you while counting money $_$


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        Originally posted by dlch90 View Post
        LOL YOU AND YOUR LOOSE HAHAHAHA. Keep spamming the forum with multiple threads! r2's CEO is watching and laughing at you while counting money $_$
        i doubt very much the ceo is actually sitting and reading this thread,, if they where, they would probably be thinking.. whos this dlc guy.. and how does he know what i do in my spare time.. not laughing...
        and counting money?,, rich people pay others to do that kinda stuff....