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    I had some questions but if you guys want this could be a general questions thread for all.

    #1. Do you have to combine a lv1 wing with a lv4 wing for a chance at phantom dragon wings, not the black dragon wings? Kinda pricy 20$ for a chance at a new costume.
    The Noble, Nightwalker, Soulseeker are all lv4 right? Just combine a fashion core at a chance? Anyone whose done this can they answer how many? About 20$ again for a new fashion? I guess it'd suck if I spent 50$ and only rolled Soulseeker and I wanted Nightwalker.

    #2. I could use some help with the free balens. Will the mobile apps tear up my phone? Can I just factory reset after I spend a day downloading them all? Would any of my personal information be stolen? I was going to try a virtual box for the PC ones once I find my XP cd. I only get 10~ balens from videos per day, I need at least 75 for a daily crypt key.

    #3. Is astro capture based on time? I've noticed streaks of 6+ misfortunes most of the time, but occasionally I'll hit a sweet spot and and roll a page of greens and blues with only 1-2 misfortunes. I stop my captures when I roll 3 misfortunes in a roll and wait 30 minutes before I try again. This could be a question for it's own thread, but there have been times I've spent 3m in the middle of the night and got 10+ misfortunes per page, while on the other hand I spend 500k throughout the day and do much better than 3m at once.

    #4. Are duel rewards based on ranking? Maybe it was my impression but the card rewards seemed better 50-20 than 20-1. Now all I get are power potions and daru and I'm a mage.

    Thanks ahead of time,

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    It's kinda scary to talk with a demon child you know... ._.

    1. I do know most people only get those special clothing after level 4, but seen some at level 3. The chances are there, but will be better at higher level. Some people have level 7 clothing and still stuck with generic looks as I've seen, so it's slim.

    2. If you're going to download apps to your phone, I'd say don't put anything important relating to you in the phone, just in case. Not just virus, but your phone will have to take spams as well. My survey only e-mail gets more than 20 spam mails from those offers alone.

    3. Astro is based on your real life luck. Your luck with the RNG to be exact. It helps to click slowly to let the RNG rolls around so you'd get less misfortune (this still rely on your luck, of course).

    4. Yes, duel rewards are based on ranking.
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      ^^ Good answers and suggestions.