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Formation questions

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  • Formation questions

    Is there any advantage and disadvantage for being infront or behind troops. Like back row has more def, and infornt has more attack, and middle is even? Just curious.

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    No, there is no difference.
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      No boons or banes given based upon formation. BUT you should use formation to avoid certain skills of certain classes.
      For example:
      Hero in front (with troops in far back; hero front with troops in middle will just beg for an archer to use IS) is usually best against archers (causes archers to kill your troops before they can hit your hero with deep freeze and/or Armor Piercer since these skills always target units furthest back).

      While hero behind troops tends to be best against knights (then again a strong knight will actually want to try to keep your troops alive as long as possible since troops will just end up healing the knight for more than they damage him via block-heals passive).


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        Depends on what and who you're dealing with. Opponent skills, that's what gives advantage/disadvantage to form.
        Bosses have different skills behavior, it can either attack front lower or higher even for AoEs.
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          ok ty for the replies, im aware of the different boss skills etc but the knowledge sinnedwill dropped - i wass unaware of that, i just learned something. ty