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Can someone explain this please?

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  • Can someone explain this please?

    Had an instance where a player was Full Balan use on World Boss with revive.
    At the same time as he is doing more damage he is also getting astrals and upgrading astral levels.

    This is not the first time either, we have seen this alot as well as players in WB top5 complete level 100 on Cata at the same time???

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    World boss they are probably doing it inbetween being dead and reviving. Cata they probably blitz and was doing astrals while blitzing then completed it after the blitzed to 99


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      Granted but there is delays.....
      No way you can go from one to the other in less than 30 seconds.
      And the Cata was during WB.


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        Originally posted by andal2206 View Post
        Granted but there is delays.....
        No way you can go from one to the other in less than 30 seconds.
        And the Cata was during WB.
        if they are stongin of they can finish cata and go at wb they wud miss few atacks thou


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          Yes I know that, but we are talking about players that are reviving during WB and doing other tasks at the same time.
          Not someone who is in the top 20, but in the top 3 - 5 beating 80K BR players, when they have mid 50's or mid 60's


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            a few guesses...

            @ WB
            he was using balens and reviving.. then when he finished the instance, used the gold he had and got some astrals. then started doing the instances again. and reviving again.
            or he wasnt using revives and did the above in the time between the instances

            im guessing youll say you know he was using revives. but you cant be sure,, can you? unless you where the guy you where talking about and you where doing it.. or you where sitting next to the guy watching him use revives, otherwise its just what you think is happening.. not what is actually happening.

            lots of people get accused of using balens at wb,, just think to yourself.. everyone behind you is accusing you of using balens because your in front of them.... and everyone in front of you is using balens too right? how else can they beat you,,, thats just how people think..

            @ cata
            he was doing cata, he did killed the lvl 100 guy, got the chest, then left, but never went through the portal so the system message never came up saying "this guy has completed lvl 100 of the catacombs"... so he goes in wb,, hes doing his thing and thinks.....
            im going to troll andal2206,, so he does the instance,, when it ends, he leaves, jumps in cata, walks through portal, gets the "guy has completed lvl 100 cata" then rejoins wb, and continues... all the while you think hes reviving, and is a magician...

            maybe its just system chat lag.. he completed cata 30 mins ago.. the message only just showed up

            maybe your lying and making the cata thing up to create a stronger foundation to your claim of him getting astrals while hes in wb.

            i was thinking something along the lines of maybe he was using 2 tabs.. one on boss, one on astrals.. but that cant be done. the same thing with 2 browsers, even 2 computers...

            either way ill never be sure how he did it.. or even if he did do it...
            im going to try the cata thing out though... troll lvl over 9000 me thinks...


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              Thanks for your insight.
              Well thought out.
              A couple of things though.
              And of course not ruling out my PC is slow, I have been playing with these guys for a good 10 months, so have seen how they perform, guess it must be just lag.
              And it wasnt me, else why would I be asking?


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                Most likely the guy's using "one-click capture" (VIP only) - downside of this is Whites don't give you Astral Points.