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Guild Tree 2x Day for those who are in other time zones

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  • Guild Tree 2x Day for those who are in other time zones

    I have many players form different time zones in my guild. Many can not make the guild tree because it is the middle of the night there. I suggest 2 tree summons, however to keep it fair. You can only energize once. So as not to get too much experience. This will make others to make the treee who normally can not.

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  • R27929495
    You can fix it that you can only get 1x a day. That solves that problem

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  • JohnNguyen
    Good ideas cause it fair. People offline opposite timezone get chance to earned exp as well.

    Bad ideas because if someone online 24/7. S/he get x2 exp per day.

    My thinking is that:

    Guild Chamber will have x2 attempts of summon per day. You can go either times, BUT you only get exp for 1 time only. The other time, if u go again. You can't earned exp.

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