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  • World Boss

    I thought I was losing my mind because it wasn't mentioned at all in the update notes.
    WB i seemed not to be making as much gold as a few days ago but speaking to other players on my server they having problems with not getting what gold they are supposed to be getting did wartune nerf the WB?...

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    The health of the boss fluctuates day to day depending on how fast it's defeated, of the server kills the World Boss quickly the next day it's jealth will be higher. I've only seen health of 589 million and 380 something million, no idea if can go higher but obviously the more health the more gold and daru you'll make.


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      not exactly true. the more time the WB survive, the more gold you will win.
      a 589 WB who last 15 min will give you less than a 380 WB who last 20 min
      why ? because the damage you do doesn't change depending of the boss HP. it's the number of time you attack the WB who help winning more gold.

      a high HP WB does mean :
      - server have a lot of player
      - server have many big hitter
      - server have people who help reach max inspiration fast
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        sorry, but stormsiren is right on this case
        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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          They're both right. The WB is designed to die in about 15 minutes. Some days it's 13, the next it might be 18, but on average a WB dies in about 15 minutes. If it gets killed within 10, the next day (or day after that, took my server 2 days to increase WB health) the same WB will have more health.
          Arnoud is right in the sense that if a boss dies in 15 minutes, the health of said boss (580+M or 300+M) won't make a difference to the amount of gold you'll gain. You'll still do XK damage to the boss per round.


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            It also depends on who and how many people decide to balen on the WB. Not everyone always spends on every single WB. The sizes of the slices of the pie change from WB to WB.
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