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    So I've been playing Wartune since May, and I got some feedback about this game. It may look like a review, however, since I know R-2 reads these, I figured I'd put up some honest feedback.

    1) So one thing I like about this game is the graphics. I'm an old school gamer and I just love how the battle scenes harken back to the days of old. While the positioning of your party in opposition to your enemy is backwards, that is a negligable issue that is very much overlooked by just how nice it is to look at. Okay okay, it aint WoW or Scarlet Blade, but what it IS: It's a browser MMO, and I just love how you dont have to download a dang thing. Well played R-2! And while I'm on it: I love how you don't have to have an updated machine to play it. I tried Scarlet Blade, and my graphics card driver crashes after every 30 seconds.

    2) The music is nice to listen to from time to time, however if you're going to rip off Ys: Origins then do us all a favor and give us Beyond The Beginning (the final dungeon theme of Ys: Origins) It's ****** epic and one of the greatest songs in video games to date. The Root of Darkness (Spire theme, debuted in Ys: Origins 2006) is all well and good, however Beyond The Beginning is much MUCH better. LOVE IT!!! (So much that when I was in pro wrestling training, my theme went from Doom II's Shawns Got The Shotgun to Beyond The Beginning. That is until I hurt my knee and was forced to give up my dream) Still the music we have here is actually pretty good.

    3) To all those who complain about the lag I say this: Yes the lag is annoying, and I wish R-2 would do something, however it's an f2p browser game, what did you expect? A triple-A development with absolutely no problems at all? SHUT UP!

    4) Now on to what I didn't like: A ton of people complain about the Archers, and how OP they are. However, I have to complain about the lack of versatility in classes. I play a Mage and I love how I can either do insane damage or heal insanely well, however, I dont notice such from other classes. The knight is supposed to be the tank, and the Archer is supposed to be all damage. Before players rip me apart, let me explain: While the knight CAN do some good damage, in PVP they're relegated to the tank role, and SOLELY the tank. Think about it, how many AOE attacks do they have? The archer is a crit machine, but put them up against a defensive mage and they stand no chance. The problem with that is the archer is supposed to own the mage. Not enough AOE for a dedicated damage class, and if you go defense with an archer you hurt yourself BADLY. The mage is insane with how versitile they are. Again, I play a mage, and a mage is the only char I've ever played, but my experience in MMO's allows me to see major weaknesses in the classes. The mage is TOO versitile. They can tank effectively, and with just Suntoria wont die. At the very same time, they can either do insane damage or heal very well. And on offense, the mage can specialize in single targeting AND multi-targeting... AT THE SAME TIME!! While I dont want to see my toon nerfed, I'd like more incentive to try other classes. I just got lucky when I started my mage. If you want the static classes, that's fine, but make a dedicated healer class. Also I don't like all the healing cool downs. It makes healing a pain when you have a player that doesn't understand SHIELD FOR THE 3RD BOSS!!! (Which is a pain in the arse) As a healer I'd like a heal that's similar to Lightning Bolt: Generates rage and cools down almost instantly. If it healed for as much at Lightning deals that would be severely OP, but just something so I can heal more effectively. Say 10% magic attack at high rank for the target with the lowest percentage of remaining health would be plenty. (Basically force the player to choose how they wish to raise their toon. Dont stick them with the status quo.) Though on the bright side, I love how any class can tank. Very original R-2.

    5) The arbitrary limits are a great guideline. Dont get me wrong, the slow leveling (considering what you get) is actually quite a good idea. it gives you more control over when you level so you dont miss that holy seal level you want. And for a person with a job that's in that period of time that the good stuff happens, again, the arbitrary limits are a good guideline. (Do daily tasks, go to work) However, even us that work have time off and from time to time would like to just sit at our comp playing Wartune after our life's tasks are done. (You know, yard work, time with the g/f, walking the dog, watching your favorite team on TV) however, for those times that you have to yourself, WHY IS THERE NO STAM POTION READILY AVAILABLE!?!? I work in the retail industry and have been for almost 10 years, so I know about supply and demand. When your fan base clamors for something that you choose not to provide you miss out on a MAJOR pay day. Many people have been asking for stam potions to be available for a while, myself included. Consider this: Make a +20 stam pot available in guild shop for 100 contribution, AND in the shop for 25 balens. Those that spend real money will load up on em if they're reasonably priced giving R-2 a major pay day, while at the same time give the player the competitive advantage that's intended when paying real money to an f2p. At the same time, is also allows non money users to use contribution to continue leveling, and considering how repetitive this game (and the MMO genre is by nature) is, it'd be a good thing not to spend 3 weeks on 1 level. "But Lockcitra22, why would you even consider spending money if you can get it for free?" Because if you used contribution, you'd be forced to choose between skills and leveling, while if you price it reasonably, the player buys and is not forced to choose, again, giving them the competitive edge that's intended for spending real money on an f2p.

    Lastly) The lack of variety turns this game into a grind. Yes the list of what you can do is large, and I credit R-2 for giving us some things that are out of the box, and actually fun, such as world boss and tank trials. But for that time in between, you get up to 2 solo dungeons for your level range, and 1 multi player dungeon for your level range. And considering how slowly you level, running the same dungeons for 3 weeks straight gets old FAST. On top of that, blitzing only ends it faster. If you're going to put in the same dungeons, fine, however, give us an opportunity to run it on a tougher difficulty. It'd break the grind of running it, and allow us to actually enjoy the slow leveling a bit more. (And if you did it right, allow us to level up less slowly) And while I'm on it, why are there so few encounters in a dungeon? Nine total encounters in an MPD is just horridly low. That needs to about triple. I LIKE TO KILL THINGS! GIVE ME THINGS TO KILL!

    I want to make one thing VERY clear, this is a good game. I play it almost every day, and have fun with it, however, some of the weaknesses are just too glaring and ruin it from time to time. And the problem is they're an easy fix. Give us stam pots, and just a bit more variety in the content, and this game gets MUCH better. (Even without a new class)

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    Stamina pots means you can get unlimited exp per day.
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      Lovely, here's my reply to your points:

      1. Graphics, true, need not say anything.

      2. 7Road made the game, used the music, take it to them if you think they need improvement on that, but I agreed with Beyond the Beginning.

      3. Lags are problems people need to deal with themselves, yes.

      4. I think it is balance PvP wise, not event wise. Slow the progress of one and boost the others, but it still even out end game (the maximum possible stats kind). By then, of course still dependent on skills and builds, it makes the cycle more visible [Knight>Archer>Mage>Knight].

      5. Stamina potion, if ever possible to be bought, they will make it sold in balens. Meaning, hardcore CC players will rollface the others with Holy Seal, Talents and the like. Depends on how they spend of course, but truly, I don't want more players screaming unfair. Not to say that anything people throw at me will work, but many of my friends feel bad when others start name calling. Annoying as I see it.

      6. 7Road has higher difficulties of Solo Campaigns implemented in a later patch, so you just have to wait for it. I read encounter as summoner, so correct me if I'm misinterpreted. 7Road has made them drop Crystaloids, and Legendary Stones in bulks of five, so yes, you need to wait again. However, R2Games has the authority to change/reduce the drop rate, so don't take my word for fact.
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