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having a problem

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  • having a problem

    when i first played i didnt have any problems. then when i loged in the 2nd time the adobe flash player wanted to store information on my computer. I kept denying but it wouldnt leave the screen untill i left the page. is there a way i can play the game without alowing the adobe flash player or is it the only way? please reply.

  • #2
    The game runs on the flash player. You have to allow it or you cant play.


    • #3
      thanks for replying. by the way what are the risks of accepting the flash player?


      • #4
        Flash is one of the most common programing modules for gaming, similar to Java. While it is possible to install a virus with Java Code it is even less likely you'll get it from Flash. Flash Player, if updated regularly, will not install anything in your computer because it has no command line that allows it to. Java on the other hand has several modules and workarounds that they constantly patch up to avoid malicious software. That is not to say that Flash is 100% safe, it is more commonly used and is well supported so you do not have to worry. It is your decision in the end.


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          thanks for the help R21134100. r2 games have the best comunity for helping and the people are very friendly. thanks alot for the help guys.


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            How much data will the game store on my computer and can I delete it? If I can where do I delete the data?


            • #7
              dunno how much... but its a browser-game. delete the cache and it should be done.


              • #8
                where can this cache be found?


                • #9
                  Dude, you don't have to worry about anything. Flash is safe and the downloaded data is not harmful. It won't take a lot of space anyway since this is a browser based game.
                  If you wanna know how to empty your cache folder then first figure out what browser you're using. (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari?)
                  After you've figured out your browser, then look up how to empty the cache on google. (

                  You might also want to make google your best friend because it can teach you a lot of technical information about computers or whatever else you wanna know about.