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  • Customized titles

    It would be nice if we could make our own titles, not 10 chars long but longer.
    Will be nice 2 see some different titles beside the standard onces.

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    That would make the titles meaningless since it's just whatever random thing that you can come up with. The current titles points to achievements and milestones. If you can put just anything as title, you will see people with things like "God of Wartune" or "Best Player Ever" or some sort of profanity. I just don't see a point for this. There is already a player bio that you can write what you want in and your character name as well.


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      Titles are a form of showing off your achievements.
      So i do not think there will ever be a way to create random ones yourself.
      Perhaps in future updates more titles get released as more content gets released!