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Health Bar adjustment for MPD's and solo arena

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  • Health Bar adjustment for MPD's and solo arena

    Since the emergence of tanks and having the tank health bar under the players name on the right hand side.. i have noticed that in MPD's mages having some slight issue with not being able to see all players health due to them being kitted out with clothing, wings ect.. Its made me think, that if R2 Games are able to put the health to the left hand side for the tank trials. would it not make more sense if they could adjust it so that MPD's are the same for where the health bar is located as that would make it allot easier on the mages. And would save many a player dying unnecessary.. This change would not only free up some of the data used by the web page but improve some of the lag issues that can happen with-in MPD's

    Also i think that it could be implemented with-in part arena as well, and i dont see the point in having the health bar located on the screen under the character in solo arena as you have that huge orb to the left hand side of the screen so you can keep check of how much health you have you dont need to be shown in 2 locations as thats just using more memory on the site which can also cause more lag with-in the game as well

    It would be interesting to hear what everyone else feels of this suggestion

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    I'm some doofus and I approve this message. Or agree with it at least.