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lvl 40 PvE or 45 PvP

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  • lvl 40 PvE or 45 PvP

    I am a lvl 43 knight and I am deciding what route I want to take with building my knight. I have already acquired the lvl 45 PvP set and enchanted it all the way but what I am wondering is if I should bother crafting the legendary croatian set. I feel that I might not be able to finish the legendary set very fast and I am already near lvl 45. I am about 10 crystaloids from having my first piece of the set which leaves me with 3 pieces to go. Is it worth my time to craft the legendary set or should I save and craft the lvl 50 set? Also I have been using the Void normal to collect crystaloids is there any faster way to craft these sets without cash? thank you in advance

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    While I am not a knight I do have several very good knights in my guild and have researched their abilities. If you are NOT planning on slow leveling (Stopping at a specific level for a long period of time) as a knight I would suggest you stick with PvP gear until you are able to put together the 60 PvE set. The great thing about knights as opposed to other classes is they have no need of increased rage generation in order to be effective in the level 65+ MPs. If you ARE planning on slow leveling then I would definitely suggest a Legendary PvE set for whatever level range you plan on stopping in. The extra enchant levels along with the extra gem slot make the legendary set stats better overall than the PvP sets.
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      I think the best for you to go with PVP set first until Level 55. Then either working on PVE Set 50 or 60 is your choices later on.
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        Just stick to pvp set and save plenty of keys for 60 set.