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Wartune Problems

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  • Wartune Problems

    This game is played only through official websites.

    Now humans/human beings have nothing to do!
    I'm a clean person and people who screw up on me should just leave this game alone!.

    I pay money to this game to eliminate my boredom experiences by leveling up and all i get is emphasis on making friends just to get farm experiences.
    I pay to play this game and not cheaters and hackers.

    I don't know what else to play and i'm sick of complaining about this game 24/7 about ''making friends''.
    I'm sick of being rejected and players not supporting me for multiplaying.

    When will people ever leave this game alone? and how can Wartune be downloadable and playable offline without having friends or making friends?

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    seems to me you have some deep routed issues with people.. maybe playing social games isnt the best thing for you...

    not judging.. just saying if you dont enjoy people.. maybe look towards doing things by yourself... how about planning a murder in your head... i think youll be great at it.


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      i'm not rich like you so.. and i can't afford high graphics gadgets for games.


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        planning murder inside your head doesnt require high graphic gadgets my friend... its inside your head.. its free... anyone can do it.. the rich. the poor.. the old.. the young.. the mentally unbalanced... the better your imagination.. the better the outcome..
        give up playing wartune. and give it a shot man.


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          You can play tetris.
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            Originally posted by Swornslayer View Post
            i'm not rich like you so.. and i can't afford high graphics gadgets for games.
            u dont need high end pc to play pc games. theres even an console emulator around.
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              (⌐â–*_â–*)--︻╦╤─ - - - Yoo. If you talk about Download Games. You should try A.V.A or Crossfire. Very good games
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