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Wartune Problems

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  • Wartune Problems

    This game is played only through official websites.

    Since this game is an official game, then no cheaters or hackers should play this game!. Wartune is clean and original, not dirty.

    Now humans/human beings have nothing to do!
    I'm a clean person and people who screw up on me should just leave this game alone!.

    I pay money to this game to eliminate my boredom experiences by leveling up and all i get is emphasis on making friends just to get farm experiences.
    I pay to play this game and not cheaters and hackers.

    I don't know what else to play and i'm sick of complaining about this game 24/7 about ''making friends''.
    I'm sick of being rejected and players not supporting me for multiplaying.

    When will people ever leave this game alone? and how can Wartune be downloadable and playable offline without having friends or making friends?

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    Wartune is an interactive PvP game. Without players, there's nothing to play.
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      That would be so boring if u just play campaigns
      S3 Worg Lair Europe


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        Originally posted by AeonS3 View Post
        That would be so boring if u just play campaigns
        This thread is basically like Diablo 2 vs 3...

        Where D3 is now online only, no more offline.

        What the OP wants is " .air " file for Wartune.

        What is it is an Adobe application that allows you to play Flash Games on your Desktop without having to open up any Browser.

        It can be played either Online or Offline.

        Sorta the same thing as Mobile files (which it actually Exists, CN have one, ENG... not sure)