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Map - Deathly Sands

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  • Map - Deathly Sands

    I can only speak for the server on which I play, but the Deathly Sands map (level 41+) is getting very very crowded, is there any way to either make this map bigger or seperate it into seperate sub instances?

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    Are the majority of players in the server in lvl 40s? If yes, a lot will move once they hit 50 so it won't be a problem for long. If people are choosing to stay there, then move to Erandel if you can. I think the map is big enough unless your server is extremely populated, which is good considering the amount of near-dead servers right now.


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      There is really no reason for them to move to higher level maps (not taking into consideration the higher leve mines) with the number of daily quests right now to attack other castles, its easier for them to stay on this map and pick off low level targets.


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        Then the problem really isn't in the map size but in the unwillingness to move throughout the server. I am not aware of this type of problem in any other server. There are a lot of people who teleport to plunder then goes back in Erandel for gold mines. Over time, that difference in gold really adds up.