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Pay to win vs play for fun

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  • Pay to win vs play for fun

    I totally agree with you guys to make a game and earn money from it but seriously make it fair. There are players that maybe are from some poor countries or they play only for having fun with friends and enjoy the game but you made it to look like if you have money (you are "rich") you can't be killed or players without balens can't even get close to those one who actually pay. Let ppl to have a fair chance to be equal in some way, for a simple player who wants to craft for example all lvl 50 set it takes a damn year without spending money on balens im not even talking about higher sets (60-70). All im asking is to lower the items required for crafting or at least make a better drop for crystaloids or add them on guild shop with a limit number a day like legendary stones with even higher price. 150-200 contribution for a piece or 300. but at least you have the chance to get a little more without spending money/balens. The last think i would like to say is to edit the bosses somehow to be spawned many times a day with ofc a limit of 3 attempts. If im on work or i have to do something i lose the boss and im sure im not the only one who does. would be nice to have it like each 2hrs or 3-4 idk. I hope you will read at least what i said and think about it. Thank you. Have a nice day!

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    not going to happen


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      You should submit this to the other hosts and hope they'll have better luck.

      Because unless you "pay" R2 money, nothing will be done about the heavy P2W.


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        I advocate a "moderate" stand here.

        Instead of a "free" server where no-balens are allowed, I suggest that servers be created where it is "subscription based" (pay $X monthly), and these servers just fight each other.
        There will be no wings or anything to do with cash. So you'll be weak, but you'll be competing with players of equal standing.
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          That sounds nice and all but its really not going to happen condor, that would be bascially be making another game, so why would people play the current game. Than there is that 7road owns this game and probably wont even think about letting that happen lol


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            pay to win
            win = fun
            so pay = fun

            keep that in mind. but good suggestion tho.
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              Originally posted by XrosSlash View Post
              so pay = fun
              i agree with you but those items cost to much balens even if you want to recharge your account with some. you kinda need serious amount of money to complete a set while some players barely affort to buy a vip. the difference between is to higher.
              i took every idea from this post and a sent them a mail (r2games) i hope they will read this at least


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                no pay = fun, if you look at some games that's out there. (where pay only means convenience or cosmetic and not "win the game")


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                  There are tons of games out there not all have to be the same.