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I'd like a report from players to be posted here about getting lvl 50/60 drops please

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    I never get the one.. L0L*


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      I asked R2Vet2a about it if it's still an option to win them from the card draw and he nearly completely dismissed it by saying "Well you can buy them from the crypt shop using crypt tokens." which didn't answer my question. I think they knocked the rate down to less than a millionth of a percent ever since the legendary sets came out. But they don't want to answer by revealing what the true chances are for winning the gear pieces from the card draw..


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        I have completed the PvE 50 set without getting one item, also done a bit Moon (250 crystals) without getting one.
        [US West S6 Duskin Arena] [Moloch] [Level 70] [Battle Rating 105k] [Lord Divine] [Critical Mage] [Guild: United Soul]
        [60 Armor] [70 jewels] [60 rings]

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          I'm starting to think that the level of the players running the dungeon have an influence as to whether or not the rage items are available in the card draw. My lvl 63 archer earned the helm and weapon gear piece from Moonevil Den Normal runs and there were only lvl 60~69 players in it each time. My archer now has x353 lvl 5 crystalloids so far and x1 lvl 6 'cause I accidentally clicked on the synth item for it.


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            someone on my server got 2 of the 60 gear stufs...2 of his own class very friging lucky