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cynicism, contempt or total lack of consideration in the arena

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  • cynicism, contempt or total lack of consideration in the arena

    In the tradition of games pay2win arena after lvl 55, has become a mockery of those who do not pay. No rage, the only chance is to die before you can move, because opponents have always rage for aoe.
    It seems logical in these circumstances, the proposal that all players higher lvl 55, who did not have financial possibilities to buy equipment to rage, to leave the game after the Event.

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    than buy enough clothing for rage or wait untill events.


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      Most events have had clothing as an option to exchange for (including good luck charms and fashion cores). I think this is the first event out of the past 4 months that hasn't given the opportunity, so work on getting any mounts you're missing (or try for the dragon) since this month's exchange contains the opportunity to obtain mounts that have been missed from past events - just have patience, and keep in mind that you can earn fashion cores from spire (outright if lucky, or fragments which you can synthesize into fashion cores) - just save these, coz you'll definitely have plenty of chances to earn clothes for free.