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Next Server - On the same 2 week schedule as CS?

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  • Next Server - On the same 2 week schedule as CS?

    Will Wartune follow the same schedule as Crystal Saga when it comes to opening new servers? Or has this not been determined yet?

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    I have to say that I hope not. The whole "Let's open new servers all the time to get people to spend money trying to be the best on a new server and then merge all the others together cause we got way too many servers for the population" thing is getting really old. It's definitely not just these guys that do it, it's a pretty popular way to run browser games these days unfortunately and lots of companies do it with lots of games. How about we try letting the servers get a little more full up and opening them when we actually need them tho this time?

    I know you're just asking, but I've got to say that I really hope they don't do that with this one... The longer we go without opening up more servers the better.


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      You have a point. However, with all the bugs and server lag mucking up the first server's release, I'd like to start fresh on a new one ASAP.


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        Em this lag will be on all server... And all the bugs will be fixed on all servers in same time (probably s1 will be 1st to test it). So for me there is no big diffrent. Only reason why ppl want new server is to feel "PRO" and then after week asskick they will cry about new server where they will get ***** again... and again... and again...

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          I hope they will not copy crystal saga so far. Well its a good idea of creating new servers to get people spent money for new things as "first payment bonus" etc.. yet, as long as they will create one after another it will come to point where popularity on first server will be too low that some people will think "oh why spent money here when nobody play, lets go somewhere else and spent new 5,99$ here" then 2 months later it will be " ah another 15 new servers, **** this game". I really prefer few servers and progres, it will be enough if tehy make servers for each class + some extra so we can test all, but looking how they made a new one not even week after first... got bad feeling. Well its truth that on world boss you cant even do 1% of dmg because of too many people here.