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Rare clothing from failed synthesis?

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    Originally posted by NyxVampiria View Post
    Is it possible to unlock rare clothing from failing synthesizing? Already reached lvl6 on my weapon without unlocking the vampiric fury and I kinda don't want to go all the way to lvl7
    Yes you can unlock rare clothing.


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      Originally posted by labdou View Post
      does this work to get special wings
      Yes, I've heard rumours that my buddy's buddy's sister got ice and fire wings from a failed synthesis.


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        Originally posted by AntiApartheid View Post
        Yes you can unlock rare clothing.
        Yes, I've heard rumors that question was asked and answered more then half year ago.
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          At least that's how I always understood what mod said.

          * Note * Players can fail to synth clothing from level 2 and higher, if they want to risk not using luck stones, a failure can mean that you lose a item, so players do so at their own risk, R2 admin will not replace items lost to synthing if it turns out to be the players actions that resulted in the outcome.


          Originally posted by CreamySaucepan View Post
          That was before the Dressing Room was added, though. Is that still the case now that we have the Dressing Room, seeing that you don't lose the looks you've synced into something else anymore?
          I thought all that meant was when you're using two pieces of clothing to try to level up one, and you don't use luck stones, you WILL lose the 2nd piece of clothing should it fail, just as you do if the synth succeeds.
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            Level 4 cloth + 1 core = if fail you loose core got new look. Not sure about wings but i failed 4 times wing 2 + 5 cores , loose 5 cores and got new look each time.