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Battleground How did they pull it off?

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  • Battleground How did they pull it off?

    Ok let me tell you what happened on 17/8/2013. I entered into Battleground and to my surprise 1 group consist of all the people from the same guild and the other consist of another sister guild and some randoms. How did they do it? All the time I thought they were random deployment across all servers? Sure would like to know how these 2 guilds booked the whole battleground to themselves. Thanks

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    There might be a queue system so if everybody clicks enter at the same time they could end up together, not sure though. That's how it worked in WoW for a long time until they changed the system just recently.
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      just talk on skype or smth with voice....


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        But doesn't this count as "Honor Farm" whis is deemed by R2 a ban-able offense?

        Not to mention... even if everyone click at same time, it's almost impossible to make one side one Guild only.

        Because it goes like this:

        p1, p2, p3, p4, p5, p6

        p1 and p2 click join at same time, if the other side did not receive a p3, p1 and p2 will be placed on opposing side

        Even with Skype/Teamspeak, it's impossible to have everyone time their clicks down to the seconds one after another... such as if one person have lag, he'll be delayed going into the battleground and might be placed on the other side instead.


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          Why is honor farm deemed as bannable if you can only get 3k a day which is quite easy anyway (provided you don't die to dryad stackers)?
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          Games: Dota 2, SC II, Dark Souls, Skyrim, WoW, D3, PoE


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            By Honor Farm,

            It means one side lets the other side kill them easily for Honor.

            Which is mainly what ppls do with "Alts" and since the topic is entire same Guild vs sister Guild... it can be easily exploited to gain lots of Honor.

            Have someone with VIP9 take off all clothing and troops and lets everyone on opposing side kill him for honor.
            Since the person with VIP9 will not lose any honor no matter what.

            This means everyone in that BG can all gain up to 3000 Honor and unlimited PvP points.
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              post a screenshot


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                we made this back some months and it`s more easy because you only atack the other people ... you need hp? bang enter the guild member no honor loss .. or you lose for guild member you can enter like 15 people in same bg.
                all the people stay with the bg open and cursor mouse on start button .. when you hear ready .. all go in and this is best to make it after min 58 ...


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                  so it is possible for the main guild all to be in 1 team and the other team consist of their sister guild plus some randoms symedia?


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                    for that no .. because it will be random you can`t chose team but yes 10-15 people in same bg posible.


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                      That is why I am still wondering how the heck they pull it off with all of them in the same group. Tried asking them since they are in the same server as me but they are keeping mums about it