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Guild Battle honor

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  • BluePhoenix10
    started a topic Guild Battle honor

    Guild Battle honor

    hello people i wanted to know

    how many honor to you get each time you kill a player in Guild Battle

    how many honor does the winner guild gets

    and how much the lossing team

  • R218785374
    ok thank you

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  • Whispir
    You don't gain/loss honor for killing a person or dying to a person in guild battles.

    Less than 20 minutes: winner gets 1000x insig/honor , loser gets 400x insig/honor
    Less than 40 minutes: winner gets 850x insig/honor, loser gets 450x insig/honor
    41 minutes or more: winner gets 700x insig/honor, loser gets 500x insig/honor

    Top ten from each guild get 150x bonus insig/honor. This goes by battle points which is basically how much damage you deal out to players/ward tower.

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