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Possible Future Guild War System ?

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  • Possible Future Guild War System ?

    Aint too sure if they are implemanted already or not, we could unlocked them at a later date but...

    Guild Wars (Better than CS LandGrab though ) But also implement a landgrab system

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    +1 sounds good
    Somebody wrote about something to implement a Guild Castle.
    It would be nice to go into it and queue guild members to fight another guild over territory.
    3v3 battles, times the amount of guild members in each? (Tournament?)
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      Sounds pretty awesome... I think I suggested this once. Some sort of castle siege idea.
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        I wanna try guild war thing


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          There is a future guild battle system. It is one of the newest Chiense patches, we are only on 1.35 patch... gonna take a while


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            every game must have a guild war


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              What's the point of having guilds if we canst have warrrr? +10

              Question is - How it's done..


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                There is a system, fairly new in the chinese version

                We won't get it until the game version catches up


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                  ciroth what version is the chinese game that you are playing ?
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                    Originally posted by ciroth View Post
                    There is a system, fairly new in the chinese version

                    We won't get it until the game version catches up
                    This is true. There will be a Guild War soon as time goes by, we will get there.

                    Then when the GUILD WAR feature came, we will suggest more to improve it 'coz I know in Chinese Wartune Guild War is not that enjoyable as they say by the "chinese players".
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                    Thank you everyone!
                    I enjoyed the game and the game itself rocks!
                    'but the company is ruined it.


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                      How about this?
                      Guild can have several armies. They have only creatures no heroes.

                      War has been declared. It last 24 hours.* During that time, other guilds can not interfere in the conflict.
                      Hero appears and challenge opponent. If no one responds, he fights with guild armie. In this way, the battle can be fought if there is no one online.
                      When you finish the fight, you start second battle, with the same amount of health and rage, when the previous battle ended.
                      Once you die, you can not participate, any more.


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                        Oh intersting.... There is also a Intra-Server battle system that was implemented in the Chinese server

                        Ever wanted to kill Bob from S1, as a S7 player?... you can in the future =P lol


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                          Click image for larger version

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                          Defend your Altar and Attack enemy Altar... is the basic concept of the guild war =P


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                            That is pretty cool, cross server battling? Sounds legit, cant wait to get pummeled by S1 players :P


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                              Hope my guild get very strong enough when the guild war is implemented. and it's nice to know there is possibility of guild war so I can prepare my guild for it.