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    could anyone explain thep point off the game for cash players....iv been playing this game from the begining and have seen many changes..the bigest is the now ever growing gap between cash and non cash players..when i 1st played every one had to collect epic they can be bought i dont see the point.we all agree vip members get privlages but to put the gap so wide you might as well make the game a pay only game


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    Does this belong in this subforum?


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      where can i post this im new to posting but things are going from bad to worse for cash players and we are driving new players away


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        non cash players sorry


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          Well if you post your complaining on Community or Off-Topic section. I bet your thread would mostly ignored cause not many people entered that section. And Yup. That is how these games was build for. They makes games to make money.
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            i was looking for information more than complaining....the game would not be the same game if not for non cash players they are the fodder for the cash players all im asking is to close the gap thats getting wider with every passing month


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              While I agree with you it's never going to happen. High cashers already have a huge advantage and even if wartunes did merge the gap closer the high cashers would already still be far ahead. This game is anything but balanced and will always remain that way because it's beyond repair. That and wartunes make a huge fortune off these gaps because the higher cashers compete with other higher cashers and the lower cashers try to catch up. Best advice, don't try to compete and you will have more fun. Focus on pve and forget trying to be the best in pvp , you will save money and your sanity.