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Need tips about Troops!

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  • Need tips about Troops!

    I am a level 40 knight with level 32 knights(troops) i don't have daru to upgrade troops. While i see other player of same level got higher leveled troops. What shoul i do for a perfect Daru gaining and Daru management. Or should i stop upgrading them. And wait for templers or warlocks.

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    I think 32 or 33 is good enough. Wait for templars.... start saving all u can. Templars are very expensive, so save save save! Also need lots of enlightenment, and that takes millions too. So, long story short, save lots of daru!
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      Try to do every World Boss event that you can. Those give tons of daru. If you got time to spare, go to wilds and kill the Wandering Managogs that you can find. They will always drop daru pearls and in quite decent amounts.
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        yup saving up daru and gold is a priority.

        so i believe a knight makes the least gold/daru of the 3 chars even way less than a archer.
        i would recommend stop doing mpds till ur lvl 50 and can do talents. gives u more time each lvl to get daru and gold
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