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help me please with my warrior/knight

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    Originally posted by R211563703 View Post
    And what is better than the basic set (patk mdf hp and pdf)? Generaly the answer from you 44d3s is from those who spend a lot of balens in this game. BR is not important yea right so why in the hell you are all buying mounts? Will destroyer and goddes blessing are not the basic sets are they ? SO you will use them later when you have basic set.
    BR is important. However, it's not necessarily the same when talking about astrals. Will destroyer and goddess blessing don't give BR but they're extremely powerful astrals. I am willing to bet that player A with EWD and RGB will beat player B of the same class with 5k higher BR but doesn't have them. RGB can probably mitigate enough damage over the course of a battle to outperform an hp astral of the same lvl.


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      The ones i use and it works perfect.

      1.lvl 4 red pdef
      2.lvl 5 red mdef
      3.lvl 5 red patk
      4.lvl 5 red block astro
      5.lvl 5 orange refined goddess blessing. reduce damage very imortant.
      6.lvl 5 orange will destroyer. disable criticle dam but increases dam dealt very important. best for pvp **** for wb.

      and have a red or whatever critical astro for wb in your inventry.
      & have determination. witch increases your critcal dam.

      best advice you can get but its your choice just here to help..


      Character: Stronmer
      Server: s14 kabam
      Class: Knight
      Br: 88k Lvl: 70
      Status: Elite noob.


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        1. Good build with those astrals is
        Patk, MDEF, PDEF, HP and block(forget about illusion until it gets to level 8 or something, you'll keep on waiting for the ******* thing to work and it happens extremely rarely especially at level <6). Plus keep the critical astrals for WB. I'd say equip HP and block for a while and wait till you get EWD and GB.

        2. Get Enhanced Will Destroyer(EWD) and goddess blessing.

        3. Wait for an astral of your choice to drop only if lady luck smiles on you too much, if its not the case then waiting for the rare astrals(especially the red ones) to drop is like waiting for an eclipse to occur. I suggest exchange points and get EWD and Goddess blessing first as soon as possible. Only after you've got those should you exchange points for the red.

        4 .The first 5 astral slots for a knight should be:
        1) Patk
        2) Pdef
        3) Mdef
        4) Will destroyer
        5) Goddess blessing
        Get block only when u get IC medallion imo
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          Originally posted by darrylch View Post
          Block before destroyer? Nope. Block is not even an option in the 50s. Good/smart knight use it at 60.
          I definitely agree.... block is for the higher levels


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            Patk/mdef/pdef then I suggest will destroyer as a 4th since it will help you get more gold/daru in wb earlier in the game (of course crit+determination are better early in the game in wb), then I would go with the goddes astral as a 5 th and block as a 6th astral. hp and illusion astrals far later in the game since I don't think they help you as much as goddes and block astrals


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              Second the advice on block go for it. Block rocks. You can simply last way longer. a small ding to your patk or even to pdef wont matter when you block like a made man and gain hp from enhanced block in skills. You could even take a slight ding to over all hp. My basic build plan is this
              high hp
              high block
              high pdef
              high mdef (working on raising it now)
              high patk

              Im starting to synth up my gems to lvl 4s now

              i can in general take down archers 5 to 6 levels higher than me so long as i can get past their troops. Mages murder me. If you can get baleans do so and get cloths to get that extra +5 rage per bit for 45 total rage to start. It helps tons. High starting rage seems to trump BR some what it gives you a first turn advantage or balance depending on opponent.

              Just a int at what a couple k block does. I block on boss' 6th hit about 8 million points of damage or more. Not enough to survive of corse cause his net damage is who knows how bloody high lol.

              Through out other 5 hits i block about 5 to 7.5k of damage and gain the 4% hp back net damage is less than 3 to 4k per boss hit. I most often die with 10 to 15k remaining hp out of 30k+ vouchered up bonus hp
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                Originally posted by h4d3s View Post
                i dont play a knight but u can build tank and a damage dealer.

                with 5 slots its still simple

                enhanced will destroyer (to disable crit) / or go block if u dont care about a bit more damage till u get a new slot free

                and a crit and determanation for wb to swap

                in my opinion a knight/warrior is made to take on damage (tank) to do so max mdef-pdef-hp and block.

                but hey i see lots of different build that can suprise me ^^
                Classic con tank + block wartune is awesome cause of that.


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                  hmm its hard to decide which build i will used ^_^.. let me give more info about my char..

                  i still dont have that EWD and GD
                  and also im using 40 legs set

                  my current stats

                  HP = 31,xxx - without HP astral
                  pdef = 8,9xx - with pdef astral
                  mdef = 5,2xx - with mdef astral
                  crit = 1,2xx - with crit astral
                  block = 1,5xx - with block astral
                  patk = 10,8xx - with patk astral

                  i hope for more astral build to come base on what i only have, and also a build basing on my next build if i gotten EWD and GB... thank you ^_^


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                    i think u'll need determination if u use crit ~
                    cos knight have no crit base from his attack

                    here my astral build : EWD - PDef - Patt - MDef - Block - GB ( u can use gb when u reach 60 )
                    Aprillya (S209)
                    guild -> Dymension
                    BR : pathetic
                    am noob

                    proud to be knight :cool:


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                      Just wait..
                      *BloodyMark* (MoonstoneSwamp)
                      lvl 61
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