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    non-cashiers always do slow lvlng to be able to be strong,,then at this rate they will fall too low again.,.,.

    games always in the sides of ''USD''

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    server: 294 ruined lagoon i dont use money in game
    cause i dont have money


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      Originally posted by anichaos View Post
      You were the one that started suggesting non-cashers are not needed.

      the word "freeloaders" basically gave the non-casher a bad image that you don't want them.

      So I just did a reversal on your post by saying what'll happen if we don't have these "freeloaders".

      Than you says "The game needs both parties to exist".. lol, than don't even attempt to bash non-cashers.

      Also, no one is saying Cashers are evil or not needed, where?

      We're saying it's overly P2W, that doesn't mean Cashers are evil does it? LOL

      If anything... these P2W comments aims at the Publishers that place the pricing and the Developers that makes them and how easily players that spend lots of money is able to obtain overpower stats.
      I suggest you read this post that is two above my original post, and the one to which my first retort was directed.

      Originally posted by IggyBousse View Post
      I don't like this implementation. This will make cashers, especially heavy cashers, stronger without 'earning' it, and good people working to build themselves up weaker (and I'm not just talking about the non-cashers).
      It's another pure balen implementation like mounts where the only thing that counts is balen. That's a bit dumb in my opinion.
      I made a sardonic repost to what this poster was inferring, that because people use cash to speed up rewarding long term time investments, they somehow are undeserving.

      I wouldn't actually want to call someone who doesn't pay a "freeloader" anymore than I want someone to think that I don't deserve to reap any benefits for supporting the game financially when they will not. If you are a non-casher, you wouldn't like me calling you a freeloader, would you? So don't call me undeserving or imply that I am not a good player because I mitigate my time with cash. So people play differently. Get over it.

      Next time I'll be sure to lay on the sarcasm a bit thicker so the message is clear.
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        i think it will be like with all other things in wartune: at higher lvls it will take much longer to improve so with some patience lightcashers and even free players can catch up. so unless this "new aura" at higher lvls will unlock really powerfull boosts, i'd say it isn't that bad.


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          Is not realy Like that, To upgrade Soul Fate One Hell of amount of Balens, Because 1 spin is 30 balens, and what are chances.. 45% 1 fate, 25% 2, 10% 3 etc so on 10 fates stone is like 10% chance. So to lvl up from Brutal Edge To Lvl 1 costs you 58 fate stones, without the free daily spin *Wait btw everytime you spin the price of balens will increase eg from 30 to 60 for next spin, Also if you wanan take out Lowest 2 rewards 1-2 stones costs you 200 only on 1 spin... so Overall it will cost a casher just about 5,000 balens from Level 1 to lvl 2, not to mention lvl 2 to 3 is double the fate stoens u need. So This is Not For cashers, is for Heavy Cashers Like ZEBQ, but we dont care about him he is in Europe Server or whatever.. So will cost people a lot to lvl up the Brutal Edge, therefore there will mostly only lvl +68 with Legend sets 60-70, who Anyway you didnt stand a chance in CW, also there will be only few of them so not big chances u face em, be happy with what you got. Btw I like being A FreeLoader


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            Originally posted by XiaSeoung View Post
            Well with the money they make they are 'earning it' in a way.
            I just find that saying; an excuse to tell ppl to f--k off..... I personally don't care how ppl spend their cash, but still..... it sounds over rated... Just saying...


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              Originally posted by ChieftainRez View Post
              Maybe one day we'll move past the juvenile mentality that because your not like me, or play the way I do, you are somehow less human or deserving.
              We both know from past experience that will never happen.

              Sadly. :/
              Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
              You are just a freakozoid... Monster of Frankenstein meets Jabba the Hutt... Frabba the Huttstein... :P
              Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
              Behind every fat Space Slug is a blood thirsty sociopath urging it on.


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                yay :P ..yeah.. im with u
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         friend said we have to get "fate" to lv 5 in order to get that 100 attk, 1k hp..... I thought it gives every lv up, like the soul engraving . Im staying at 54, so no idea how it works.


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                    I got 10 fate stones from spin


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                      Originally posted by letmeluvya View Post
                      I got 10 fate stones from spin
                      I did as well.


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                        i can confirm that when u hit lvl 1 u get the +100 atk + 1000 hp bonus

                        next increase is lvl 5

                        costed me 2000 balens to just hit 58/58 xp lol

                        thats the end of my balens adventure for this

                        spinprice increase at insane rate


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                          Wheel of Balen
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                            or.. ZEBQ wheel of fate.. ^_^
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                              As a casher (or potential casher as am no longer spending a penny on this game ...even cancelled vip) I think this is just another nail in the coffin for this game. When anyone who plays it knows what it desperatley needs is for the gap between high cashers and non/small casher to be reduced because once my group of friends leave, which they will soon as a result of these latest updates, I will follow with my cash like many many others will.

                              Having played mmo's for over 10 years I've seen so many potentially amazing games ruined by greed and lack of respect for non cashers. You guys calling the shots need to realise that a game is only as good as its community and if that community is destroyed and left with just desperate high end cashers then no one will want to stay, regardless of the amount of cash in their wallet.

                              REDUCE THE GAP NOT INCREASE IT!!


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                                @WelshLeo: It is there to increase BR, for everyone. Just because some heavy cashers spam on it doesn't mean every other cashers will. Free players can still enjoy the game, I know some still do and will still be in the future.
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