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buying gift paxks worth it?

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  • buying gift paxks worth it?

    I am thinking of buying some anniversary gift packs but i only hav enough for about 35. Ik the dragon is very rare so is it worth spending the money for 35 gift packs? I am a light casher and I don't have the big bucks to spend $50+

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    It's only worth it if you want the hawkstrider. Don't go for Razor. If you're lucky that's nice but it's a huge gamble.
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      wouldn't it cost more to get the hawkstrider though? if I keep the easy to get 200 free seals would need 200 gift packs to get to hawkstrider


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        Ofc it will cost, but for anything else gift packs aren't worth it, unless you go for dragon.

        To be frank it's a bad and way too expensive event.
        Player Class: Archer
        Battle Rating : 162k+

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          Don't spend your balens on for it. It a very wasted. I noticed that casher obtained Razor usually purchased a lot of them. I was thinking like a system have a trigger. If you reach some sort of minimum purchased box. You gain the Razor for sure (Talk about 100+ Box) Other than that it is a very low chance. lol 1 in a hundred of thousand.
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            Minimum Packs needed:


            to have like a 5% chance to get Razer Dragon.

            BTW, you would need (excluding the marks you get from pack) 200 Packs

            Because you only get 200 Seal from event, and you need a total of 40 Mark for Hawk

            200 packs = 12000 balen (or 120 USD)

            But if the Refine event works on Green Equip, you get 3 Mark.

            That lowers it to just 170 packs needed = 10200 (or 102 USD) You Saved 18 dollars, cheers..... LOL.

            Chance to get marks from packs, 2~5%

            So that means out of 200 Pack, you get like 4~10 marks (according to the rates ppls are posting up in other threads)