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New Astrals System. (balens option)

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  • New Astrals System. (balens option)

    I believe the Astral system could be much better. We need to click too much (and I have a problem in my hands, so I cannot use the mouse this way). We also deal with random output. For an archer, what is the advantage to get Holy Mysticality (MATK)? The system could be improved, letting the player's efforts (and balens) lead the development or their Astral value.

    My idea for the Astral system is as follow. Please look, I'll not do the math, just give the general idea. The values bellow are just examples.

    - A player gets Astral Points expending gold directly. Let's say 3.000 gold for 1 Astral Point. This way, the player can get 100 Astral Points expending 300.000. This would be the same way a player gets contribution in the guild. No need for click trillions of times, just write the amount of gold, click "contribute" or any other apropriate name as "exchange". The idea is to contribute to Astrals the same way a player contribute to his/her guild.

    - With the Astral Points, a player would develop his/her own system, buying the Astrals according to his/her preferences. But a player would not normally jump foward simply buying red Astrals directly. The player would need to increase the values in the normal order. Only when a Green Astral is maxed out, a Player could increase it's stats and change it to a Blue Astral:

    Example: Brilliance (Green): + 50 Astral Points = Brilliance lvl2 (Green) ... Brilliance lvl 2 (Green) + 150 Astral Points = Brilliance lvl 3 (Green) ... and so on.

    Once reached the max level for Green, let's say lvl 5, the next evolution would give it the Blue stats. This way, the Astrals increase their stats in a similar way gems are increased.

    Balens option
    Every other single part of the game has the benefit to be bought with balens. Why not Astrals?

    My idea is to jump foward purchasing high level Astrals directly with balens. If a player can buy wings for 1995 balens, why not buy Holy Force for 3995 balens or Pristine Fortitude for 2995 balens?

    My idea is to let the players develop their own Astral system, without dealing with random outputs and let payant players use their balens to increase their stats faster.

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    I'm pretty sure the current going rate for astral points is better than 3000:1 once you consider every other astral tier lowering the average (4000:2=2000:1, 5000:3=1667:1, etc...) plus people can get astral exp in the process, so I don't know that there would be much support for that. I understand the point is to minimize clicking, so maybe people will be willing to make that trade off. However, R2 likes to force you to get VIP 5 if you want to minimize clicking for astrals, so even with support I don't see it happening. I do like your idea about a direct point buying system though.

    I may be misunderstanding your 2nd idea, but I don't like the idea of forcing people to slog through astral tiers to reach the next one. I like the freedom of being able to get 7k or 15k astral points saved up and skip all the "in-between."

    Balens option - As with any suggestion involving balens, great for cashers but takes a gigantic dump on everyone else. Do we really need to widen the gap even further?


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      I suggest we can buy a level 10 red astral for 100k Balens.
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        I think I have to disagree with the balen astral, let it be with current system where it will base on the player's luck. You know how many threads of crying non-cashers scream about the gap between the cashers and non-casher (although I am not against cashers). You should not always use your money advantage to further advance against regular players by just buying ALL, as in all of the things that will boost your toon's strength, even those things that can only be acquire according to your luck (great example, that astral).
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          Silly cashers, always looking for the easy way out.


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            yes, then we will have lvl 30's with lvl 10 red atk astrals, good idea...not!
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              It's a great idea, because it just puts even more money in R2's pockets...cause the system as it is already craps on F2P players & promotes P2W players! So not giving them this boost won't actually change anything, instead it will give light cashers a reason to spend a little more & even get some free players to spend a little.

              So you mean I can get Red Astrals as early as unlocking the astral ability? Of course players would take advantage of that & the game would invoke a little more interest in the lower levels as it will look like they have a small bit of a fighting chance.


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                Hahaha good joke, from 300k i get 200 star points and 500 astro exp...
                Balens option? Maybe we take gold and keep only balens .
                Then ppl like you understand something maybe
                Good for us All ideas from this forum have 0 chance to add...


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                  Originally posted by CondorHero View Post
                  I suggest we can buy a level 10 red astral for 100k Balens.
                  okay. but 10 lvl is avaliable for every1 so no benefits for heavy cashers...
                  1 more suggestion is to add 11, 12 lvl astrals which avaliable only with balens. lets say 700 k balens for 11 lvl, 1200 k balens for 12 lvl.
                  So players who want to unlock new astral lvls in this 2d flash game will buy it.

                  Another idea is about talents and holy seal. Why the hell we cant buy it with balens? Need to add new "talent pack" in next event

                  Talents Gift Pack : Open this pack to receive: Talents Stone x1 and randomly receive ONE of the following:
                  80,000 Gold
                  40,000 Daru
                  Skeleton key x2
                  Lvl. 1 – Lvl. 3 Gem Pack x2
                  Lvl. 9 Luck Stone x2
                  Lvl. 4 Gem Pack x1
                  Pink Alpaca Mount Card x1
                  Price: 2999 Balens
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                    @777lucky777: Make it ALL of the following and I'll pay 5999 for it.
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                      2 DeathRiver
                      but u need to buy alot of Talents Gift Packs if u wanna get Pink Alpaca Mount.
                      bcoz low chance to obtain Pink Alpaca Mount Card (like razor dragon).
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                        I'll simply ignore the fact most have not read the part "I'll not do the math". The general Idea was not to level astrals but to consume it as contribution is consumed. I cannot click with the mouse and it makes quite hard for me play this part of the game. I'm cash free since beggining, so I was not promoting myself. I just wanted to help everyone.