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Warriors Call

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  • Warriors Call


    With the number of new Events increasing since the introduction of Warriors Call is it time to make it Permanent, increase the number of times it can be used per day, or extend the time it lasts from the 30 minutes to maybe 1 hour

    Where it is needed:

    Multi-Player Dungeon (1 run)
    Spire (can last 20 mins)
    Catacombs (Level 100 Eye for lower BR)
    Necropolis (Level 5+ so possible 10-15 minutes)
    Tower of Kings

    This may entice more people to buy it. What is your opinion?

    Thanks for reading ^_^

  • #2
    I agree with this +1


    • #3
      Actually like that it's so short, have to decide where you wanna waste it. if it would be something to take for granted, dungeon, spire and all those things would be "Only people with warrior call!". It's an OP buff, so maybe decrease the time to 5min, so you can use it on one boss, a spire run and such. ;D


      • #4
        Not as important for Necropolis now the Blitz includes the current level you can beat (unlike Cata where it stops on 99)