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    Originally posted by Setsuna88 View Post
    im from european server so we have zebq there. i cant remember fighting him when we did that 2 days ago though.. so maybe we had a 2 knights 2 mages team

    but still... top knight and mage have 100k br , top archer over 120k br ...
    oh well i guess my explanation is a load of **** then and now i have no idea why my team struggle at lvl 2 when equal br team make it to lvl 5 without prob..


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      different skill , and astral set up maybe


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        Originally posted by Clin7eas7wood View Post
        ^Yes Condor every day only in tower of kings dunno why refreshing doing everything i can and still massive lag last night couldnt beat hard lvl 5 stage all close but guess our mage need more pdef he`s getting shred there xD.Wondering if the big guns have clear nm and all stages or how many.
        on s1 whit oponent team behind crusader invasian kesser dwarf my group clear 1-2 adn we may end up gettign 3 at soem point ..but over that wont happen i really doubt it

        my team behind me(ssore-mage)-kessar archer-dwarf archer-arumat mage

        i see only 2 other team on cross server that could pass 2 nm (invasian-boby-sub+highest br archer on theyre server) and also (crusader whit crhonos panda +1other mage )i know panda dont play anymore so highest br archer after him maybee

        anywya whit no one in top 4 br crossserver i dont suggest pullign 2 much effort into nm if u pass 1 stage that be good

        ssore mage s1 temple of ibalize