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    Originally posted by ArowenGR View Post
    "so long as you are competent.. you should be fine.."
    Probably spoken by someone who is in the top guild of his server not giving a [...] for other people and server balance.
    What do you mean pick your team wisely? It is a game, you are supposed to have fun. I don't enjoy coming back from work and arrange to do a run in 1,5 hour. I like to play when I feel like it, with those people online at that moment. I don't like getting rstricted by a game I PAY. If so, I rather go out and have a drink.

    For the record, I am a knight (one of the strongest of my server, I don't suck, but Skribz might) and knights have neither puri, nor scatter, are not as strong as archers and have no heal. I am ENTIRELY dependent on others, no matter how much money I spend.
    But I like people like you Skribz expressing their oppinion in threads even if their oppinion is selfish...
    arrow.. you seem very angry,,

    i am in one of the top guilds in my server, but it seems you are too.. so a null point.
    when i say pick your team wisely, pick a team wisely, if your more concerned with going to a bar for a drink than getting your mp runs in, whats the point of this post?.....
    your one of the strongest on your server, so you should have no problem finding a team.. so no problems there..
    you dont have scatter or puri. you do have appolos.. that can be very helpfull in defeating high lvl dungeons.. make sure you have it and youll have no problems.. and everyone else is dependant on others too.. mages and archers need tanks to take the pain. tanks need archers and mages to heal.. and mages and tanks need archers to debuff and wipe out enemy buffs... think of it as a tripod man... so long as you are competent with your class.. youll have no troubles finding a team to run mps with,, i would say put yourself first, but that would be being selfish.. and thats something you arent.. so sacrificing your runs for others isnt a problem for you.... but then again, whats the point of this post?

    and yea.. funny thing about a public forum.. when you ask for peoples opinions and advices, you usually get them, how you take them is up to you... taking offence and telling everyone they are wrong is fine,, but maybe take note on my last sentence from earlier post... so long as you dont suck youll be fine.. and your pretty adamant you dont suck.. so again.. whats the problem?

    as for later posts.. you do realise you can run mp's with people in different guilds right? so your point about being one of 5 over 60 split across 2 guilds is a null point. those other 5 are in the same position,, just make sure you arent that 5th man, and you wont be left out.... selfish again i know....

    as for having to wait for others to hit lvl 60, im guesing those others are holding back to increase br, while your going for levels? thats fine, its your gamechoice,, go as high as you like.. but remember, being high level means you will have trouble finding people to do mp's with, thats just something you have to accept. cant have one without the other.

    you said your lvl 62, earlier. im gussing that hasnt changed much, and being 43k br... you told me you didnt suck.. ,,
    seriously though, dont level anymore.. if you get to Demon Temple you wont be able to complete it no matter how many times you try unless you have a bunch of 55k br guys willing to carry you, but from the state of your posts you dont. stay in moon, wait for others to level and increase your br..

    how you take this is your choice.. i wont sleep any less knowing your having trouble.


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      What if you keep doing boss 1 and 2 repeatedly?
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        Great post skribz
        One suggestion to ArovenGR level up quickly to level 64 than stall and bring your BR up. I am level 64 and my br is 55 k br by the way. I will stay at this level for a few weeks more. With this br i also do not care how strong are my guild members only that i got one archer and another mage to heal me if i am the tank ( for moon by the way I am mage). Why i am staying at this level is simple (in BG I am at the top right now in group from 55-64). I need crystaloides for level 60 gear so i collect them. For Demon NM it is better to have level 60 armour set than PVP gear (that is why i am staying at this level). Than i will quicky jump to level 66 and stall again and work on my 60 armour set and begin to do demon NM. leveling up too quckly or too slow is a problem. You also need to determine the targets what to do befor you level up. It is not enough just to bring BR up. I see a lot of my guidlies crying how to bring the BR up. Thought they do not have the plan to do it. So make a plan for your self and stick to it. It is better to have a bad plan than to be without the plan. The worst thing is to change the paln all the time. Target should not be your BR but what would you like to do with your character (knight defensive, attacking, critic) this are the basic shapes for the character and it doesent matter if you are knight, archer or mage. What to chose depens on what you prefer to be. The hardest thing is to develop a mixed character and all are trying to do that (those who succeed spend a lot of balens for it). This is my humble opinion.
        Mage level 72 br 107k.


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          i like 1 mpd run .geting more stone more loid than is easy to farm leg set now. and about company ofc u have to make good friends,when i call any he/she comes to help me. he/she havnt any run left or have run.and this game is how u became strong not that how fast u lv up.
          ARCHE wht is slow leveling?
          when u hope that u and u tank will be same lv.