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  • Runes

    Is the new system set up so that you can only buy them from marketplace? IE: Brutality, Blood, Healing...etc or is it just a really bad string of luck to have picked up none on s1 and my normal server?
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    I think they can come up on the victory chest (for wining the tank trials) the other day show up on System saying someone got the Heal Rune from a Victory chest; at least if i didnt see well.


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      They said Brutality is automatically unlocked once you reach level 35

      For Blood and Healing,

      It is still obtained from Tank

      however, you must WIN the Tank and obtain Victory Chest

      Which have a chance of giving you ONE OF THE FOLLOWING
      Bleed Skill Rune
      Heal Skill Rune
      Runestone x10
      Runestone x11
      Runestone x12
      Runestone x13
      Runestone x14
      Runestone x15

      So... you get 2 out of 8 to obtain the Skill Rune.
      (which for players that already have the Skill Rune... is the blooper prize because it only gives you 100 exp to THAT rune (after exchange event is over) instead of like 10 small rune that gives 50 each, a total of 500 exp)

      Losing the Tank gives you a Failure Chest instead

      Which have a chance of giving you ONE OF THE FOLLOWING
      Runestone x5
      Runestone x6
      Runestone x7
      Runestone x8
      Runestone x9

      No Skill Rune for losing.

      All other Runes stays the same, only obtainable from Mystery Shop.
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        Thanks anichaos, I completely noobed and traded my free one off in events figured wth, no biggie get one from tanks....considering its a noob tank on a well established server I guess I'll be runeless for the long haul.
        My name itself is a flame...sweeeeeet! awesome! epic!