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R2 can u think in free player please ??!

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  • R2 can u think in free player please ??!

    i will not speak about events and WB that's aready free player
    have low chance on it but i want say why u reduce vouchter from altar
    and tree of anicent for free player voucher = balen we was use voucher
    in WB to gain some gold and make resit skille but u reduce it now
    from tree of anicent i was gain 250 voucher now i get only 50 and altar
    20 voucher before now 5 and 200 voucher become 50 this tottaly
    unfair *** this -.- think in free player little ..........

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    I've always been pro free players, but don't push it. This is a pay to play game. If you don't pay, don't expect special treatment...
    They are reverting vouchers back to normal too.
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      r2 already doing emergancy maint and putting back the vouch..

      they tryed but got to much complaint
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