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Class Wars BR Requirement?!?!

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    I can not agree on your statement. on my server 67, there are many lower br players qualified in top 100. to my experience, success depends on luck plus hard work. e.g I encountered four top 10 players in this CW, while someone with lower br can keep winning bcoz they are lucky enough to meet soft enemy. another interesting thing I observed is the match system is very similar with GA, that means if I am lvl 74, it is not possible for me to meet someone lower than 65, at lease I met all the people higher than 65. So the match system is fair enough, everyone can have chance to qualify final round.

    Originally posted by Filfiljuma View Post
    Well now I know there is a br requirement, got 1 more win and more points then one of my guild members who placed 67th in class wars, same class, higher br, I didn't even place top 100 and got more then him, non vip non casher, **** you r2, you guys are ******* scum, required to spend money to have chance for top 100 class wars??

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