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Class Wars didnt quolify ???

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  • Class Wars didnt quolify ???

    Good morning

    i just open my pc, (since last night)
    and i got a msg
    sorry you didnt qualified to WB finals take your place in wanger ???

    how is that possible ???

    i dont even play ! ?? i mean i didnt had the chance to play the preliminaries how i qualified ??

    how does wars working ????

    also did i get any crystals ?? because my balance is still 0

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    You have to participate in the Class War at 19:55 server time.

    You receive Crystals from Prelim based on your points that you get from winning or losing.

    If you're not there, you don't get anything.


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      You didn't get any crystals because you didn't participate.
      You can still do wagering even if you don't qualify for finals. You just need be lvl 35+ for wagers.


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        *** i didnt know that i had to wake up the specific time !! i was thinking that the event is the hole day long !!!

        can i found detailed somewere how does this work ???


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          More details go to:
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            just google "wartune Class wars" I don't know if posting external links here is allowed.
   some info about class wars.