I have been playing this game for 6 months now,these are some of the things ive encountered along the way,Server started,decent population,not hard to get stuff done,then you patched and made overpriced events,and other retarded stuff that is beyond the reach of most peoples wallets,half the server quit and for a couple weeks was damn near impossible to get stuff done.Then we merged with 2 other servers,population went back up not to bad on getting stuff done again and seemed like it was going to be ok.Then u patched and made more INSANE COST stuff,half the server quit again .... back to having a hard time getting stuff done again .... Now with this anniversary event (most expensive stuff ive ever seen in a game) Half of the half that was left quit ... now its damn near impossible to get anything done again.Then to put the icing on the cake you make this Wheel Of Retardedness,and more stuff most of the population cannot afford,more people quit .... In this time i keep falling behind from not being able to get stuff done,no point doing arenas (no body good left to team with,they all quit) so pretty much all losses,Im way behind most in BGS now and get my *** handed to me,so basically just try to haul shards,Now you drop MP runs with the fake anoucement of 3x the stuff,WELL ITS NOT !!!!! So im falling behind now even more and have to face people on older servers who got their stuff way cheaper and way faster and easier then me .... So i got mad and threw a few ballens at the game ... should of bought beer instead ... i would have to throw way to much to even be competitive now, So im kind of guessing another server merge is coming .... and the circle will repeat itself .... This is not a rant or a whine post im merely recounting my experience of playing this game for 6 months,and now im at the point where just getting destroyed everyday and not being able to get stuff done is making me click the X in the top right corner and proceeding to look at other new games,and i beleive im not the only one, considering my server is a wasteland like many others,So all in all my general exerience of this game was mediocre at best,its a great game if you have the wallet and no life to back it up,if you have a life (like me) and car payments,house payments and such n such this is really not NOT the game for you.Again this isnt a rant or a whine post,its P2W and i realize that,I knew that from day one,just took me awhile to realize its Pay Alot To Win,alot say dont level fast slow down .... hell any slower then what im doing now would be considered reverse lmao,anyway PeAcE !!!!