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  • Class Wars Issue

    Here is my point in the recent problems with class wars.

    R2 really don't listen often, but when they do I have to give them gratitude and say that they do a good job..

    But they don't get the point as of right now, players are extremely annoyed at the fact they wasted their insignia, crypt tokens, balens, gold and missing glory crystals.

    The the compensation was 200 glory crystals and really though I didn't go into class wars last night I know that I would have spent this:

    Crypt tokens: Pdef, HP Boost, Patk, Crit scrolls at least, so theres 240 crypt tokens. (2x for the hour)
    Gold: 100k Gold on Patk pot, millions on converting gems.
    Insignia: 120 on endurance pot.
    Balens: Purchased the level 5 potion pack if I were to recharge balens (removing insignia but that isn't the point.

    I've already browsed through the forum and noticed a pattern in player responses in which most of them say that's it they're done with the game or refuse to recharge anymore and I'm sorry to say this but why should we pay money when things like this happen all the time and players continue to lose out on rewards because of downtime or unexpected maint.

    Here is just a small list of players showing their anger and views upon this event.

    My opinion on what should happen is CW rescheduled on the 25th.

    Originally posted by R27532195 View Post
    well since there is nothing i can say anymore, I think it is time to say good byee...
    Originally posted by R24036041
    I am invAsian. I suggest you reschedule class wars. I play to win, compensation packs are not acceptable to me. I will not spend anymore money unless it is rescheduled.
    Originally posted by PaulChang76 View Post
    They never fix anything in this game. They just introduce new features for people to spend balens on, then hope people ignore the additional lag that creates. In spire, my archer routinely dies with 20k hp left, and unless I relog, I can't even use the revive I have, because I'm not technically dead. This problem has existed for at least a month, yet they don't fix it, or respond to my support ticket. Now, they totally screw up class wars by putting in a major patch 2 days prior, and as compensation, they give less glory crystals than I would have received for 1 win from the 8 matches I missed. Apparently, simple math is beyond these people. No wonder they can't right code effectively.
    Originally posted by ShaySeraph
    Our entire server crashed during classwars. Many spent Isig on pots, Bought balens for event, Vouchers to reset talents, and Crypt tokens for scrolls. NOT one person in my guild made top 100 in class wars which is utter ** since INVASIAN is the strongest mage on all servers and he was in CLass wars tonight. He didn't even make top 100. Either REDO CLASS WARS so that all can participate or COMPENSATE US ACCORDINGLY. AS Class wars is only once a month this is pretty ridiculous!
    Originally posted by R23612571
    Im not a heavy cashier just someone who loves to play the game and have fun, but I fully agree with everyone here. Last night was unfair to all those that did and did not spend money. People wait and work hard for a whole month to participate in the Class Wars and for the servers to go done on that night is totally unfair. Angelus, Invasion Foxxiest, and many others are great supporters money wise to this game as are Crusader and Wartawan. With the amount of money that these people spend on the game you would think Wartune would be able to keep servers up and running for the entire Class Wars Battle. I really hope that everyone in Wartune does whats right and reschedules the event and gives all the players on all the servers a real compensation for what happened. I think another 500 glory crystals or balens to all players might just convince those who are thinking about quitting to change there mind and keep playing. If you gold and daru and skeleton keys are the only compensation then Wartune is going to lose a lot of good players who support this game by spending money.

    Server 47
    Originally posted by StormBriar
    It is standard nonsense, not only one server crashed, in my cluster there are 4 servers that collapsed, same with angelus's cluster and many others. I am sure that they had 100s of tickets raised by now. Don't think that they don't know about this. This is one of the major issues where will see how R2 appreciates the customers, and for one, i am not a happy camper at the moment. I can take loosing and not qulifying, but i can not take being lied to and then given crumbs of the table to shut me up.


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    No no no all good my end i see no problems

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      Seriously doubt they will do somethg else beside the 200 glory crystals
      did u read the description of the class war clash pack? "It's all or nothing,so claim ur rewards"
      how arrogant