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  • Zebq's Videos

    A lot of people want videos from me especially class war , i made some videos

    first video Class war first round , include my stats,inventory,mounts , last fights vs onimad and redeagle

    second video , we finished tower of kings hard mode with 4 archer today.

    i will add some videos later on this thread ,final rounds class war ,tormented necropolis , lvl 70 dungeons , arena, bg etc....

    you can check new videos from this thread or from my youtube channel :


    Class War Final Rounds 24.08.2013

    Tormented Necropolis Part 1 ( Level 5 to 15 ) 24.08.2013

    Tormented Necropolis Part 2 ( Level 15 to 19 ) 27.08.2013

    Resource Officer Kill in BG 27.08.2013

    World Boss Redoga 300k per round 28.08.2013

    Solo Lych's Lair Last Boss 28.08.2013

    Tormented Necropolis Part 3 (Level 19 and 20 ) 14.09.2013

    Guild Battle Ward Tower 6.2m points 14.09.2013
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    Nice videos! You are so strong!
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      You are so rich!


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        Hmmat last zebq show up
        Nice videos, are to Op for ppl Hehe...
        Good luck with getting 150k br


        Crit Mage 80v
        ~135k Br



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          zebq!!!! how much did u spend


          • #6
            Good to know r2 devs are stomping out real players with real money.


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              Guys take care of your cashhe spend he have...this is not theard about bigest credit card limit


              Crit Mage 80v
              ~135k Br



              • #8
                Thousands of Keys, crypt tokens, shadow crystals, insigs. Things that can't just be paid for in cash since the events have daily limits and don't last for very long. L60 soul engraving would take more crystals than the events would allow for. No one else has bothered to question how a player could have so much? 0 chance of him getting off the server and 0 chance for real players who can't give themselves whatever stats or items they choose. I find it the ultimate slap in the face.


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                  Are you sure you're not a R2 Employee in disguise?


                  *watching vid*

                  PS: did you even need to fully buff for CW... seems it's not needed with all the stat you already have.


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                    Wow you are Zebq? Nice to meet you. You are controversial here.
                    Wartune = Sylph Tune.


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                      Much respect to you, your a GOD here bro
                      greeting from Chrisnetika S77


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                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot.png
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                        Same player I'm sure.


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                          Lol, the majority of the people on this forum are simply sad, stop being so jealous, you stupid kids.


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                            Nice to see some videos of the big Zebq :P
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                              Hi Zebq thanks for sharing video. can i ask if you would be so kind to make a video for necropolis, especailly stage 11 onwards? can I know what stage u have reached with ur br? as a fellow archer it would be helpful and interesting to know. thanks!
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