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    Originally posted by 0xykotton View Post
    Let me just ask you this though. Why do you feel the need to defend zebq so bad? Is he you're hero or something? Is there any doubt in your mind that he/she may be cheating even at all? I mean cmon now there has to be even a little doubt about how this player is getting his balens and items in this game. I mean unless you actually know the person personally or seen his charges you can't fully say this guy is 100% legit. Just like I can't fully say he is a hacker but there is tons of unrealistic things going on with this game that just doesn't add up. Again I am not saying he is one it just doesn't seem right.
    I am simply stating that there are ways to explain how he has what he has given enough money. Your use of the term hero is childish. Whether there is doubt in my mind or not I don't have any proof that he has done anything wrong and quite frankly everything I have seen so far can be easily explained given enough money. My question to you is why are YOU so adamant in convincing people that something is "fishy"?

    Also saying "I'm not accusing him of being a cheater just saying that he is most likely a cheater" is absolutely ridiculous. You contradict yourself in an attempt to make it seem like you are NOT being biased in your comments.
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      Hmmm i think i just use my imagination ,think i have 3billion balens (omg thats will be nice to come true) what should i buy? What event should i wait? What should i use to waste my balens?
      Omg dis still not enough call developer how much i must pay to get 5 billion balens ^^ and how many bonus i get,ok sir plis wait a moment,clak clik clak claik ok sir dis ur bonus ,wow so many bonus ok ok ill take it give me the number ill transfer right now.
      Hmm is dat posible ?
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        r2 created a monster to kill the game.
        Where are the fun?
        Felt so sad after watching the videos.
        Last edited by NARTH; 08-26-2013, 06:49 AM.


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          its Normal in this game u find some one like Zebq here , maybe ts hard to be like him , but lets talk about Zebq himself he need only be in Mode and enjoy in this game he dont care about any one talk about him , ( Casher or any words against him ) really its fun to see some one like him here and its good to see new staff u cant do it by your self , so he is love this game and he happy to beat all these strong players , then leave him alone

          "Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die" :confused::mad:


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            Tormented Necropolis Part 1 ( Level 5 to 15 ) 24.08.2013

            Tormented Necropolis Part 2 ( Level 15 to 19 ) 27.08.2013

            Resource Officer Kill in BG 27.08.2013


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              nice zebq -_-


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                Resource Officer Kill in BG 27.08.2013

                what happend after? respawn? or end?


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                  nice zeb. pretty awesome.
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                    Originally posted by Diamondsare4ever View Post
                    Resource Officer Kill in BG 27.08.2013

                    what happend after? respawn? or end?
                    disappears for 60 seconds, then comes back


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                      lol considering the time and money needed to be able to beat lvl 15 necro you could at least expect a shiny lv 5 or even 6 gem but no, those generous devs thought a lvl 3 gem is enough


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                        World Boss Redoga 300k per round 28.08.2013

                        Solo Lych's Lair Last Boss 28.08.2013


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                          You can do 400-500k if you combo.


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                            Solo Lych's Lair Last Boss 28.08.2013

                            nice 100 rage after each turn / no cooldowns? O.o


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                              @Diamond: It's a buff missy boss there gives us, cool eh?
                              The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!



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                                It is a known fact that in some online games, GM's impersonates as a normal player. It would not surprise me if Zebq is a GM, and I am not saying he is, but again the possibility.