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Spawn camping and killing at the spawn piont

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  • Spawn camping and killing at the spawn piont

    In last nights GB my guild has a lot of low level player and we were camped on for 90% of the game buy members of the apposing side. These members just would not let up and the lower level members stood no chance to play and attack the oppositions ward.A few of them are thinking about quitting the entire game as they only wanted to play and fight fair and this was not possible against the opposition last night. What do you think of this problem.
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    No one like Spawn Camping in BG and GB.

    R2 used to have rules until they removed it.

    If those players thinking about quitting... they should just move to A-Games where they still have a rule for Spawn Camping, they especially heavely judges Guild Battle Spawn Camping and will ban players for doing it.

    For here... all you'll get is "It's part of the game"