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Yellow Aura under player???

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  • Yellow Aura under player???

    Anyone see a yellow aura under players? its a yellow circle. saw it on a player with over a 100k br. is that why its there? its also under him in battles too
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    This is from the new fate system, the buff shows an aura around the player.
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      That's from having level 5~10 Fate of Wheel's Brutal Edge.

      It costs up to 200ish USD to get to level 5.


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        so does the aura change colors or shape or anything depending on what buff or level of buff you get?


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          I am unsure, cause right now ppls only have up to level 5.

          The cost rises as you Train more and more, but I believe the cost resets daily. So only Heavy Cashers can constantly do them all within a day or two, while others tends to wait for resets so it cost less to Train.


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            You sure its only 200 till lvl 5 cuz its seems to me that you need more.After each lock 200balens to avoid 1and 2 and 10spins from 3400 jumps to 5000 and dont want to imagine after that xD you calculating doing daily only one the fist one lock and 10spins than mb yes 200$ may be enough in time .