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  • P/mdef

    I get kicked out from MP dungeons 20% of the time, which is quite a lot considering most of you never get kicked.

    I do die quickly, but I do have 14400+ BR. I wonder if my DEFs are low? Here are my stats:

    Click image for larger version

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    what astrals are you using?
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      I cant really remember what your stats are supposed to be, but get more hp and patk and you should be fine if your mages can do their job. Unless you are tanking def is 2ndary, get enough hp to last a few atks without heal and then work on patk to kill the stuffs faster.


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        Thank you very much for the fast replies.

        I don't use legendary equipment because my timezone doesn't let me join PvP arena. I can't get some of the raw materials. Right now I'm using phoenix bow.

        Here are my astrals:

        Click image for larger version

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          are you from s260?

          actually you must around 16k-20k BR with that level.. without using pots or scrolls of course...

          if im not mistaken your astrals are fine but that patk must level up to level 4

          guild skills:

          power - level 5 or 6 if possible
          defense - level 5 or 6 if possible
          endurance - level 5 or 6 if possible

          well that 3 will be your most priority and keep upgrading them those


          patk - level 2 - 3 or 4 if possible to all your equips

          and the second slot of your bow.. well its in you if you wanted pdef or mdef


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            I dont remember what BR is good for level 44 but your stat distribution seems perfect to me... maybe your stats in general are low.... but still you should be able to do void no problem so i say change your teammates


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              i see that ur honor is commoner that u never join BG or GB maybe u do like i do when i just enter wartune i was in server that time there not good as my country time u can check that if GB and BG time bad for u thin u have to go other server that have good timing and start from new and no problem u still lv 44 u can do it again in few days and u aready learn somethings in game that will make you make everything with rightway becuse honor is very important to buy medlil and PvP Gear


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                What MP are you doing where you are getting kicked? If you are doing void normal, I think your stats are fine, and you just need complete team with similar stats. But with void nightmare, lol that's a different topic. Especially that nightmare mp, I believe has a lot of matk bosses, so you need high mdef there. Finding team mates is difficult if you have generally low stats, no offence, so time to beef up your stats:
                - Try to complete your pvp gear, it gives initial 30 rage which is useful for casting skills. Try to get that level 35 pvp bow, it will also help you increase your patk. More patk will help you more to enhancing your other stats. (Coz more gold from WB to upgrade your GS and astrals)
                - Since you are already level 44, try to get all your astrals to level 5. It's purple, it is still easy to level up to 5. Prioritize your patk astral then next the def that is lower to you.
                - I agree, your hp is low, so just like mentioned here, increase your endurance guild skill.
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                  Yes I am from s260 and I'm doing void. Normal mostly, and NM with other better players.

                  Thank you guys, your suggestions are most helpful. I actually don't get to play much (a student who also focuses on physiotherapy) but I'll definitely keep those in mind. More visits to my tech team.


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                    U should work on ur guild skill
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                      I will.


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                        I had about 20k br at that lvl and I am not a casher....I was fine with that br in bg and arena.....Your mdef is a bit low and hp is too low. Increase them and u will be fine
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                          Dang you so powerful!

                          I keep upgrading my MDEF whenever I'm on. Do I also need to upgrade my intelligence?


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                            14.4K BR is not what your teammates would like for Void NM. For normal mode it is fine.

                            Forget about the astrals, and forget about levelling up, you can still fix your character. Max out guild skills, at least lvl 5 or 6. If your guild doesnt have that high GS levels, change guild. Also max out PDEF, MDEF, PATK and Endurance in your Academy. Stop levelling up, stop wasting your money on astrals.

                            Once you achieve your Guild Skill and Academy goals, start farming for Insig to get your 35 gear, after that farm for 45. If you have a good guild it should not be too hard to achieve. Enchant that 45 all the way up and then it's time to start throwing your money into Astrals.

                            I'm lvl 40 mage, 17.5K BR without potions and not a single dime invested in this game. I'm always wanted in Arena and party's and I can also handle Void NM because of my 6+k MATK and hybrid build. And PvP in low 40s with this kind of a build I have described above, is HELLOVA FUN

                            This game is not about who reaches the gap first, but more about taking the most out of your current level.
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