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Problem in spire, anyone facing the same bug?

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  • Problem in spire, anyone facing the same bug?

    When we try to do spire, sometimes we get our board frozen and cant revive. Yesterday I was dead and want to revive myself on the 9th floor, having 2 revive chances without using it before, but I click revive and no reaction. This is happening to our team more than once. ****!

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    reflect has been bugged for months. It happens on all reflect bosses. Spire lvl9, Samsara Serpentio boss, and probably even
    GoD. The solution is to heal when you have 40-50% hp, because below that your hp may be inaccurate.


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      Also happens with Suntoria in Spire. Happens a lot with Archers from what I've seen where they'll still show up to everything as having HP but will be "dead" can't do skills and can't do revive. Same with Bleeds it will sometimes trigger to happen. Kinda annoying when it does.
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        i read somewhere it happens alot to archers when they use multi shot.. the reflect from first attack takes away hp,, and the second does, but it doesnt show... if that makes sense?