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Honorable Farmers Add List

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  • Honorable Farmers Add List

    I want to set up a friend list of people who take care of each others crops but don't steal from each other.

    If you agree to the terms not to steal from one another, please feel free to add yourself to this list and friend request those here (We get lots of random requests so we need to be able to come check if your name is on this list before we accept the request or not).

    If you enjoy the whole game of stealing from people and being stolen from, that's fine, this list isn't for you and I'm happy that you like the system the way it is. This list is *just* for people who want to find people who won't steal from each other.

    Those on this list will all grow their own crops, they will still help each other out to gain Farm experience but they will harvest what they grow themselves and won't take from one another.

    PS - If you think it's funny to add your name here and steal anyway, we see reports of who steals each day so we will just steal back from you and then remove you from our friend list so you've gained nothing and wasted time for no reason, so please only add yourself to this list if you actually want to take part in this experiment.

    If others outside of this list steal from you and you steal back that's fine - it's always fine to get revenge, but if you join this list you agree not to steal from those here that want to do this (at least unless they do it to you first).

    Side note: If you'd like to be my game friend and agree not to steal from my crops, but don't want to be part of this list, please just PM me with your game name and we can still friend up.

    Also mistakes happen, if you're curing someones dead plants and mistakenly loot something, please mail the person to try to let them know it was a mistake.


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    You do realize that "stealing" crops from someone doesn't actually hinder them, right? The crop is still there. They just get a small bonus chunk of it.


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      I see nothing wrong with "stealing", basically...if you help out other peoples farm you get a reward for yourself and vice versa.
      It's not a huge bonus either as Magus said.

      edit: Not disrespecting the list either, just so you know.
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        Originally posted by LordMagus View Post
        You do realize that "stealing" crops from someone doesn't actually hinder them, right? The crop is still there. They just get a small bonus chunk of it.
        Um yes it does hinder you, HUGE amounts of your crops are gone that you paid to grow when others steal. The crop itself looks like it's still there but almost half of what you could have got is able to be stolen (40% I guess) - you think that's not a hinderance or because you physically see the crop still there you don't realize just how much is taken?

        Multiple people can steal from the crop, not just one, a lot ends up gone in the end. When you're supposed to get 2,000 of something and only get 1,200 - that's a big loss. It gets bigger as the numbers get bigger, when I'm supposed to get 28,000 experience and get just over half of that amount, along with some very rare crops like PvP medals being cut way way down from others stealing from them. They steal away big chunks of them and hinder you extremely bad. In a day if I plant 5 crops that are supposed to give me 10,000 total for leveling up my Academy skills and yet I only end up with 6,000 (barely over half) that's such a huge loss to suffer each and every day for each and every crop (that's just one crop type not even counting the rest).
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          Originally posted by xCrimsonXero View Post
          I see nothing wrong with "stealing", basically...if you help out other peoples farm you get a reward for yourself and vice versa.
          It's not a huge bonus either as Magus said.

          edit: Not disrespecting the list either, just so you know.
          That's great, than this isn't for you. I didn't make this post to insult people who enjoy stealing back and forth, as I said in the initial post if you enjoy stealing I'm glad that you like it and I have nothing against you guys that do it back and forth and both like it.

          But since you comment - I find it incredibly cheesy to do to "friends" personally and if you think you're not losing much you're either dreaming, not keeping track of just how much is actually missing when multiple people all steal from your crops, aren't planting high enough things to realize just how bad it gets, or don't care because you make up for the loss by stealing from others anyway. I *don't* steal from anybody - so I never make back what's stolen from me. And yes it does add up to absolutely huge amounts lost if you never steal back from people.

          This wasn't made to debate the issue of stealing from farms. Like I first said in the original post if you enjoy it great I'm glad that's part of the game that you enjoy. It's just not for me and I need to find friends who also find that it's not for them. I don't see the problem with that or why it bothers people that I'm looking.

          I do realize this isn't the best place to look - and for those that don't want their names listed here please just feel free to mail me in game or PM me here if you want to be added to my friend list and agree to keep out of stealing. I'm not answering any more random friend requests tho so if this is something you want to do please make sure to send me a note somewhere that you're agreeing to friend and not rip off crops from each other.
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            You lose 10% of crop each time someone steal it. Its limited to 3 steals so you may get 70% of it. Even then crapiest seeds produce still income.

            I steal crops. Crops i need if im in need for gold and i see some ppl from list have ready gold crops why should i not take it? They will take it back from my not ready yet crops when they grow up. Plus it gives lil trill to be on time to get 100% of it
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              I think of the crop stealing as my friends helping me, and in turn I try to wait a few minutes to harvest my own crops so they can be stolen to help others. It's what friends do. It's like a bonus for helping energize the tree and reviving crops.

              However, each person is allowed to play as they want, and if you don't want people to steal your crops, then I sincerely wish you luck in finding your dream list of friends.
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                You just don't get it, if you are on the ball you can do it all by yourself...but not really, because you need friends to energize your tree, your friends also can energize crops that you have left too long. If you are paranoid and miserly, just don't have friends and see how far you get, then you don't have to worry about stealing just having uncultivated crops with a tree that does not grow and bugs eating things up,,,stealing is a rather strong term when discussing things in friendly terms, wht ever happened to hospitality and comradery.
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                  From my understanding, you get back a return from "stealing" your friends crops that greatly overcomes the amount that is stolen from you. So everyone actually wins because you are all getting more crops from your friends then you lose, so in the end you have more crops then if you kept 100% of yours...but to each their own.