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    so...i`m a knight...and recently i`ve been changed my skills...and i choose for bottom side...with Apollo`s Shield...and i think that knights are in a big disadvantage beacuse of the skills features...
    so knights have HP issues...because...we usually stay in front and take 90% of save team...but Tenacity skill, at max level, decrease damage with just 7%...that`s not all...Apollo`s shield decrease damage with just 30%, Reverse Damage reflect just 800 damage, and Shadow Thrasher deals a poor atack...(same damage as slasher)...but that bleeding effect...that 1 layer makes target to bleed 120 damage/layer...
    so my suggestion is...
    - Apollo`s Shield to decrease 50% damage
    - Tenacity to decrease 20% damage
    - Reverse Damage to reflect 1800 damage
    - Shadow Thrasher to bleed 500 damage/layer

    Conclusion...if we don`t have least to be a Tank

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    The suggestions you gave. Hmmm. Well Shield would be too OP'd, as for the dmg decrease we have the last one on the bottom list. 1000 dmg is okay for reflection as it lasts 10 rounds. And idk about shadow thrasher. But I would love a little HP increase in knight chars as they're supposed to be tanks.
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      Are you sure knights don't have attack? I have encountered some knights having high patk as well as hp and pdef so with that build they will own both the other classes. 20% damage decrease? LOL that is stronger than a level 5 goddess blessing, so if you partnered your suggested tenacity with a level 5 goddess blessing, how will the other classes deal with you considering you have the highest hp among the classes? By being heavy casher? My friend is a mage 43k br with 12k matk and 33k hp, while I know a knight 42k br with 12k patk and 42k hp. And you are asking for more damage decrease? lols.
      Wartune = Sylph Tune.


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        all can have goddess blessing...mage can heal...knights...just take the shots...believe don`t know what are you talking...


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          Too many knights just don't know how to build properly or are experiencing the early game problems that ALL knights face. Knights have the most trouble early game(1-44), start picking up mid game(45-59) and can become monsters toward late game(60+)

          It is all about how you build.

          yes all can have goddess blessing but if you were to stack goddess onto a 50% apollo and a 20% tenacity... what chance would any class at killing ANY knight, or for that matter any Knights Party considering Apollo's shield is a Party Buff. Knights need to be built properly I know I said it already but it has to be stressed further.

          One thing I have noticed in all battles with the man would be archer killing knights is, The ONLY ones who have any success in killing me(archer) are knights that are properly built. By properly built I mean, obviously focusing on the important stats.

          Knights Important stats
          Strength and to lesser extent Pattk(more damage=more better)
          High Pdef(isn't hard with their gear being innately tuned for High pdef and the 20% from their passive)
          High HP(again not hard with their passive talent and proper gemming)
          BLOCK (the one common factor in all knights that have had success in killing me is a Decent Block Value(in the lvl 55-60 range we are talking around 2000 block or better, Block has a perfect synergy with High HP, High Pdef and the Knights Passive talent.) It May have been nerfed but Knights without Block historically against me(currently 67.3k BR archer) have near zero percent chance of winning unless their BR is that of a monster.

          now this part is a toss up some swear by crit other swear by Will destroyer. IMO Will Destroyer is better especially if you are struggling(pvp)

          if you go crit knight route, you use Sniper's edge and Determination astral to compliment crit. You also need to Gem and Refine for Crit.
          if you go WD knight route, you use Will Destroyer alone and have a free astral slot for Block, Goddess Blessing, Fortitude, Illusion, Willpower. which are all additional defense OVER a crit knight. With WD astral, you gain an HP/Pdef/Mdef/Block gem in each piece of gear where a crit gem would have gone further increasing your defense, regen from passive when you block etc.

          I acknowledge your suggestion but I am adamantly against the changes you wish to imply as in my opinion they are outlandish and not well thought out.


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            I would like: one more AoE skill (one single hit on every target, called swords from Heaven, 30 rage cost, weaker than ww, maybe like 2/3 the dmg of a full ww) and pasive tenacity up to 10% (absorb and reduce crit) and Agoran shield QTE bonus should be an extra 10% and not 800 bonus absorbtion...


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              You can try a Defensive Block Knight.

              Where you take low damage and just constantly heals self (can make you last a long time)

              And yea, Knights by default have low attack (if you don't twink out your knight)

              Also, unless you have a lot of HP, don't bother using Shield much, unless you know the Shield can last at least 1~2 rounds and not be destroyed right after you cast it out, would be a waste of rage)


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                I agree with the thrasher.

                but not that hell a lot of defense % skills.

                hmm let me say that knights. yes got moderate atk stat, but look onto there offensive skills at max level.


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         numbers....maybe are a little bit bigger...but the point is to increase skills features...and...i liked aramus opinion...but i don`t like the idea of no chance for knights until you are 60+...i really want to be equally chances
                  for all kind of players...from level 1 to level 100...and still think like alfredo that agoran shield needs an upgrade, and Shadow Thrasher`s bleed effect too...(what kind of any level player is affected by an 120 damage per turn?
                  let`s be honnest...maybe a level 10 player...)