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Vip r2games frauding with me

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  • Vip r2games frauding with me

    Hi all
    I paid for my VIP for almost 3 weeks ago. with that i bought 500 balen's also .R2games Office in Florida(Playspan) confirm me for payment and gave me reference number also. I got message from game when i tried to apply again that i am already member and cant do that again. Unfortunately i am not getting benefit of VIP in game. I got many tickets number like (788842 933795 713086 676833 802748). R2games are not replying me properly they simply closing my tickets. Last ticket is more then 8 days old. So you all requested to please please reply this post and force R@ games to give my money back or give me VIP benefits with compensation.

    Server 312 Wyvern

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    R27119467, I'm very sad to hear that and I also sincerely apologize for the lack of response regarding your issue.
    If you could clarify to me which is your latest ticket, I will forward it to them in order for them to check it out for me.
    The King doesn't fall so easily boys


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      my open ticket is 802748
      and last but closed ticket is 967878