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  • Originally posted by YawnQ View Post
    Ill give you mine i didn't have anything do on sunday to do so i saw this game ad on a site so clicked it and made a id and randomly clicked some server.i got up to 35-40 then i came to know about this time-zone thing by this time i had many friends and guildies so you can't expect me to leave it really?.So i played it
    I can surely say and state that you just point and click without even reading. I did the same thing as you but with the difference that I READ what was there on the site and so i chose a server with an 1hr time-zone difference.

    Originally posted by killall559 View Post
    you mean like how people complain stun is not fair since they cant beat no one because there stunned all the time lol its all useless bickering will always exist so lets make the game better for the whole and let the whinners leave if they dont like it simple as that.
    Stun or HS(Holy Seal) isn't useless, infact it's really awesome..If you're getting stunned a lot that tells you to just lvl your hs so you won't get stunned. Making it BETTER for THEMSELVES or making IT BETTER for the entire enviroment ?

    Originally posted by Manik668 View Post
    I still cannot see how being able to help past your own attempt is bad. That being said:

    If you do not have the strength of character to refuse an invitation and tell people that you will not help them, then you need to build a bridge and get over it.

    If you are afraid that people will have an unfair advantage by getting more xp, then take a look at the world prosperity for low leves that gives them +150% xp. Build a bigger bridge and get over that too, it's not a real issue.

    If you think that the point of a multiplayer instance is to only do it once with 1 team, and exclude anyone else you might want to have fun with, you need to go learn what the prefix multi- means again. You should know already.

    For the record, I am not a low player. I am one of the ones that would help out other people simply because I like the multiplayer vs environment that you get in mpds, spire, and tok. I might help the occasional lower player, but even when people help other people, they look for more people their own level or BR.

    I might help a team of other high levels in spire so that they don't have to take a lvl 46 player and penalize themselves by not getting to at least boss 10. A team of lvl 46-50 players would look for one of their friends in that level who already finished so that they can have a full team and experience spire when you have a balanced team.

    It is not fun for ANYONE when you only have unbalanced teams in everything. I know when I was lower lvl I didn't want a higher level to carry me through void nm, because I wanted to do it with my own team. I wanted to do my part and have fun, not watch someone else solo it. If that's what you want, fine, you'll be quitting soon enough anyway.

    I have yet to see a good reason other than "Oh no, it can be abused!!" for only being able to enter for your attempt. The equalizer that is ALREADY set in place is that you get rewards 1 time, and 1 time only. This is so that you don't have high BR players doing MPDs over and over. And I say MPDs here, because you get so much more xp from them than you could ever get from spire or tok. If you don't believe me, go do Lych's Lair with the free daily xp scroll, and compare the xp to what you get from lvl 12 in spire.

    Bottom line, STOP being kids focusing on a spammer, STOP whining about potential for abuse when it's actually very minimal, and START thinking and being creative about how we can make this better for EVERYONE!!

    I want some good ideas on how to change this in a positive way, it doesn't have to be only about letting us enter it past our attempts, use your brains and think.
    Did i even mention MPD'S ? no i didn't...I ONLY SPECIFIED TOK/SPIRE. I HELP people too for arena's and mpd's cause i like helping aswell. I WILL BE QUITTING SOON ENOUGH ? Well sorry to disappoint you here m8 but I won't

    listen guys....these couple of days I missed a lot of things due to real life things..Yesterday I soloed Tok and Spire because I didn't find a party. So what now ? I'm just gonna go to bed and cry because I didn't find a party ? LOOOOLLL noo I was a MAN and did it on my own and still was happy with the little rewards


    • a huge no from me! look at ur servers and u see most high br gravitate to #1 guild! so now that #1 guild builds it worthless toons up using the big guns to drag them thru tok n spire! f**k no lol! earn ur way thru it! i rarely do my tok or spire before 11pm server time n i can get party np! and furthermore make friends with those late players and make a perma party!


      • manik668 - i'm a L66 knight with 67k br and I AM a low player! don't flatter yourself by saying your anything but a low player! i probably whirlwind you and your troops to death in one move!

        this suggestion is idiotic and deserves no more of my time!


        • too bad..hall of fame doesnt count scroll and potions..ahh hahaha?hope this are allowed ty


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            to prove a point
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              My reasons are already stated by the others + pancakes. :P
              TY, R2 Games, for your failure of services. TY for all the grief you gave me on the stupid MP Lost Run bugs.

              I reached LD Rank, Top 5 WB Mage/Top 10 overall w/o Balens. All PvEs completed w/ help and hard work. No VIP. Too bad R2 does not recognize such ****.
              I am a minimalist who spent money below $200 overall. Yet I am known as a worthy adversary of most players in my server.

              TY for 3 years of adventure. I'm actually wondering how I lasted.


              • At last we can help in spire at least that really nice thanks for all the support guys


                • wish granted...thanks a lot *he said with much sarcasm* now my pm is blown up all day. But really thanks again
                  "You're the darkest burning star, You're my perfect disease"