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Have drops from campaigns changed?

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  • Have drops from campaigns changed?

    So I've been using spare skeleton keys on my campaign blitz for maybe 2 months now and as of the last few days the drops seem to of significantly changed. I have always had a stack of city protection buffs and have only gone one day without a crypt key and all of a sudden I have had neither drop since the latest patch.

    Am I just being stupidly unlucky or is it across the board?

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    unlucky. i keep getting crypt keys still.


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      I'm suddenly getting stupidly unlucky on both of those, too - and I had worked my way up to a dozen crypt keys and over 20 city protection.


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        Hm. You guys spend your Skeletons for Treasure Box?

        I guess you don't need to saved it now unless you working on PVE set Lvl. 60.
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          I stopped opening Mystery Boxes

          I was only doing it on Void Normal, where 3 keys can get me up to 6 Crypt Keys.
          But now... only up to 2 Crypt Keys, and that's only if Yaro's portal is there for Gold Chest.

          I don't even bother opening the Mystery Boxes in Campaign Solo, cause I usually only get City Protect, which I don't need... since no one has plunder me for like 2+ month now. (still got like 15 City Protect in Vault, lol)


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            Got loads (500+) of keys saved away in vault and now only used the keys I pick up each day to open in campaign runs. Just seems weird how even city protection have stopped dropping after months of getting it everyday, let alone the lack of crypt keys.


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              convinced these have changed. Not had a city protect or crypt key drop since last patch even though I been using loads of keys.

              Fairplay R2 are poor at responding to these forum posts. Do they even ever read them?


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                city protection is lucky? o_0

                worst drop in the box lol


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                  Why do so many people on forums want to point and laugh at people.

                  My point was that mystery boxes in campaigns arent dropping 'shop' items anymore ...not that city protection is a good drop.


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                    yes it seems they modified the drop rate without telling us a single word.
                    Btw just so I won't make a thread just for it but weren't there changes in the altar as well? I mean I was once receiving 400 vouchers or 100 k gold from a spin, but now it seems a miracle if I get 200 vouchers or 50 k gold.


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                      So the moral of the story here is dont ever spend skel keys on mystery boxes as its not worth it anymore. Just be happy with the 1 crypt key you are lucky to get from altar wheel a month and now you have to buy the rest.

                      Another nail in the coffin for this game if you ask me.


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                        I have found at least 1 c-key by blitzing, each day, since we got new patch. Maybe I'm just lucky, I don't know.


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                          Originally posted by Eskendal View Post
                          I have found at least 1 c-key by blitzing, each day, since we got new patch. Maybe I'm just lucky, I don't know.
                          from what map eskendal?


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                            Originally posted by R218901250 View Post
                            from what map eskendal?
                            Eternal Sanctuary is good for me right now. But it's really random. I know I was really lucky with Cursed Lair too, but some people in my guild had no luck blitzing that solo.